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Finding The Right Training Partner: Chase Reynolds

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 5.43.08 PM

Train with people who are where you want to be or train with people who are going to the same place that you are going.  When you train with someone who is where you want to be, you might have a long way to go in order to catch up.  But chasing them only adds to the motivation.  You might not have the exact same goals but you want to  be in the same place mentally.

After already finishing my transformation and getting into shape, I decided to step it up some more.  So I went to Xtreme Speed in Plainfield, IL about 4 hours from my house in St. Louis, MO.  I trained there for 3 days a week for 10 out of 12 weeks.  I have been back about 10 times since.  It’s amazing how far that I have come since I completed my transformation.  These guys took me to a whole new level.  The first time that I walked in the door and trained with these guys, I got my ass kicked.  I failed at everything.  I couldn’t keep up.  I thought about how hard it was and how I knew that I could handle it.   I did not have the muscle endurance to last during this kind of training.  I was going to have to build it up.  It’s ok to FAIL, but it’s not ok to QUIT!

I have seen a number of guys come through the doors, who wanted to try it out.  After their first day, I never saw them again.  It’s almost like a murder mystery.  Come in and get tortured and disappear never to be heard from again.
I know exactly what these guys are going through.  I went through it myself and still remember it very clearly.  Toughest workouts ever.  I also know that it is mostly psychological.  I know that I am going to go through some pain and that my lungs are going to feel like they will bust through my chest on cardio day.  I can still picture running on a treadmill at 12 MPH for 30 seconds for 10 sets, with 1 minute rest in between sets.   Rest consists of doing 10 burpee bench hops.  I’m on my 7th rep and still have 15 seconds on the treadmill.  3 more sets after this one, I feel like I’m drowning because I’m so out of breath that I can get enough air.  I already pulled my shirt off just so I wouldn’t have my shirt restricting me.  I’m getting yelled at for taking my shirt off because I’m dripping sweat all over the treadmill.  I need to fight through it.  I’ve got 15 seconds left out of my entire life and then I have another 90 seconds left split up in 3 sets, tied in with a total of 30 burpees for my rest.  That’s not that long of a period of time, I know that I can do this but it’s a bitch.  Now, I hear someone yelling, “Eisenberg, come on man, keep going”.  So now I know if I stop I’m going to disappoint someone.  I’m going to fail in front of them.  Fuck that, I’m going to suck it up and finish.

Up until this point in my life, I have only had training partners who motivated me, while I was in high school, college and for a few years after college.  Being able to train with the guys at Xtreme was/is amazing.  The atmosphere and the people are what makes me stronger.  They motivate me to do what I know is the hardest training program that I have ever done.  The program works.  It increases my level of conditioning, strength, endurance, with an additional focus on stabilizer muscles and hammers the CORE.

So I come home and train alone, because it’s almost impossible to find someone to train with me at the level at which I am training.  I still hit it hard at home, but I’m still not at the intensity that I would be at Xtreme.  However, whenever I go back, I know that I can handle it but it will be far from easy.

In the beginning of June, I found a new gym with a great atmosphere called Excel Training, in St. Peters, MO.  It’s closer to my house than my old gym and it’s a  Sports Performance Center.  It’s all about training and they do sell memberships.  The owners are part of the atmosphere.  These guys are all in great shape and they know how to train people.  About a week after joining Excel, I was at a party and met Chase Reynolds, a Running Back with the St. Louis Rams.  We talked about nutrition for a while and I told him about Excel.  I actually thought that it would be really cool to get Chase to train with me.  Training with a professional athlete all the time would be great.  He should be able to handle it.  But he probably won’t want to train with some guy almost twice his age.

A couple weeks later the Rams ended their Off-Season Conditioning program and Chase came over to Excel to check the gym out.  I asked him if he wanted to try out my program.  He said that he didn’t have anyone to train with, so he was up for it.  This program consists of non-stop circuits and super-sets.  We beat the crap out of one or two muscle groups during our circuits.  Each circuit could last  between 3 to 6 rounds.  So with most of this stuff we are not using a lot of weight but we were doing high reps.  (15 to 30.  Sometimes more).  I never really filled Chase in on this, I figured that he was better learning about it based on trail.  We had a four station circuit set up for 5 rounds.  It included DB Bench.  Each time we hit bench we would do something a little different.  For instance, hold one weight up while benching with the opposite are for 5 reps.  Switch arms, and then bench 5 more reps with both arms together.  The other sets would include things like raising legs off of the ground to activate the Core.  Rotate weight as we come down so that we have an underhand grip.  Do 1/3 of a rep, followed by 2/3 of a rep, followed by a full rep and that is 1 total rep. We would do 10 of those.  The second exercise was Dynamic Push-Ups.  We started off with both hands on separate 18 inch platforms and would drop to the ground.  Push-Up hard enough to land on the boxes and finish the push-up.  Only 10 reps of that.   Next was one type of raise for 15 reps and single arm bent over rows for 30 reps.

Training this way with someone new to it could almost be funny.  After doing the first set, Chase told me that he was going to move up on the next round.  He was using about 5 lbs. more than me.  I guess I knew something that he didn’t.  I almost laughed but said ok.  If he did what he said when we got back I  would have been impressed.  Well the Dynamic Push-Ups put to rest any ideas, that he had of moving up.  Instead he was forced to drop weight.  I could tell that Chase was strong but I also could tell that he didn’t have the muscle endurance to handle this type of training.

I started to wonder how much Will Power this guy had?  I’m thinking he has a lot because he made it to the NFL because of hard work.  Well either way, I’m about to find out because, I am going to see if he quits.  Not that I wanted him to quit but if I can make it a little bit out of his reach he is going to have to work that much harder to make it.  Now for the motivation.  And this works both ways.  I am going to work my ass off and make this look easy.  I’ll be out of breath and I’ll be tearing up my muscles, but I am not stopping.  I have a pro-athlete training with me and I’m not going to let him keep up. I have an advantage.  I’ve been training this way  for about 8 months and he has never trained this way.  If you can make it psychologically, than you can not only survive but progress pretty quickly.  What’s going through his head?  My guess, “How the hell is the guy going through this same workout and not even having a problem with it?  He is kicking my ass?  This guy is old, he’s in his mid or late 40’s.  He’s not a pro-athlete.  I’m getting beat by an old man.  I’m not quitting.  This stuff sucks.”  I’m watching this guy hitting it hard, but starting to struggle, so I start getting fired up.  I don’t want him to quit, but I want him to come close.  I start yelling at him while we are training.  “Get up!!!  Come on man!!!  2 Minute offense.  No huddle, Get up!!!  I know exactly what he is going through, I’ve been there.  He gets up.  He finishes his set an is off to the next thing.  I’m getting down and getting in his face in between my sets.  Even during my sets, I’m going off on him.  Every time that I yell he responds.  My motivation is through the roof.  I can tell that his is also, but he is still dealing with the shock of a style of training that he has never done before.  I don’t want to bring anything negative into it.  I even decided not to remind him of my age.  I had some great jokes about having to get back to the retirement center.  I didn’t know him that well yet.  (I had to wait until our 2nd workout together before I reminded him)  I’m going to just keep pushing him with the positives of what he will accomplish this year.  How much better condition and how much stronger can he be going into camp?  Shit this is his first day I don’t even know if he will be back.  We got done with his beat down after about 4 circuits including one with Ball Walks and Spider Man Walks which both can not only fatigue you and burn your muscle out within the first half of the first of 6 sets.  It’s rare to find someone who has the Core strength to get through it very easily the first time.  This exercise is one that  can actually make you sick.

I think that first workout really put things into perspective for him.  I wasn’t 100% sure that we were going to be working out on a regular basis.  I found out real quickly, when he told me that he was coming the next day for Leg/Cardio day, which was another day of torture for him.  By the beginning of week 3 he had already had some huge gains.  For instance his Core gets better every day.  Like I said the Ball Walks are a great indicator.  He almost caught me on them the other day.  That actually made me get fired up to go harder.  He is getting more and more competitive and refuses to quit.  I tell him to give me one more rep or one more set when we would have been done.  Except that he was coming close to failure.  It’s this point where you go for that extra 10%.   For those that don’t believe in 110%, they have never gotten to this point.  This is what separates someone who can control the psychological side of things.  This is where I am going to tell him that I know his mind better than he does.  His mind may be telling him to quit, but his body can keep going.  One more set of pushing a Weighted Down Prowler Sled in the rain (sleds don’t slide well in the rain.  20 times harder).  After he finished, I asked him if he knew why I added a 6th set up.  He said, “No”.  And I said because you almost quit at 5.

We talk about our workouts and both of us love them.  It’s different.  It’s challenging.  It’s competitive and getting more competitive.  I’m not going to let him beat me and he’s not going to let me stay ahead of him.  He has proven that he has the Will Power to dominate these workouts.

I don’t respect him because he plays in the NFL, I respect him because he worked his ass off to get there and he is working his ass off even harder to improve.  He has been successful at everything that he has been involved in, by focusing on it and working hard to not only be good at it but be great at it, whether it was football, track, basketball, motocross or wrestling.  He has a lot of other qualities, including participating in charitable programs.  He is a good person who works for what he has earned.  I’m honored to have him as a training partner and I’m proud to call him a friend.  I have never had a better training partner.  The funny thing is that I couldn’t be happier to lose him as a training partner, so that he could go into camp with the St. Louis Rams.  Hopefully, we wouldn’t be training together until the end of the NFL Season.  Getting the call from him at the end of training camp, telling me that he made the 53 man roster was one of the best calls that I ever had.  He has his own team, but when we train together we are a team.  We both work together towards his goal.  He removed his limitations, he reconditioned his body and he made a Promise not to Quit.  Mentally we are in the same place.

Have you ever talked with someone about what each of you thought when you first met?   We did talk about our first day of training together and told each other what we thought.  I guess I was somewhat close but his initial response to me was, “I thought that you were making stuff up as you went along.  I thought you were only trying to get me to quit.  I wasn’t going too.”


Changing Atmosphere Can Give You The Edge That You Need

Xtreme Jeff CLay

Sometimes you need a change of atmosphere.  When I first started my transformation, I had already been working out.  My biggest change would be my nutrition.  But I really wanted to feel like I was starting over and wanted someone else’s input.  For that reason I decided on a change of atmosphere.  I wanted to make sure that everything around me was positive and that it was all about accomplishing goals and training.  My decision was to train at Emerge Fitness for my change of atmosphere.  Once I reached my goals I went back to my old gym.  I was revitalized and continued with a great workout routine and even incorporated some of the things that I picked up at Emerge into it.

Next I decided that I wanted to train at a higher level so I went to Xtreme Speed in Plainfield, IL.  I trained there for about 10 weeks 3 days a week.  The atmosphere definitely breeds success.  The opportunity to train with other people who work hard every day and train at a high level of intensity, not only motivated me but opened the door to a different style of training that I was not use too.  I thought that I knew what High Intensity was until I met these guys.  Trying out different types of training is great for developing the body and it is also a great way to stay engaged.

Around the holidays I ended up back at my gym and was incorporating Xtreme’s training methods into my own workouts at home.  A couple of weeks before the Super Bowl I was feeling like I was overtraining.  The overtraining was not due to what I was doing in the gym, it was due to the amount of cardio that I was doing.  I set a goal of running 1,000 miles this year.  I was running about 25 miles a week which wasn’t really something that I was use to.  It was close to 10 miles further than I had been running a week.  I got to the point in which my joints were sore, I was running slower, I was losing strength and my mind did not feel right.  My memory was not what it had been a few weeks before and I was feeling agitated.  I knew what was going on but I was hoping that I would work through it.  I finally smartened up and decided to take a break.  The way I finally saw it was that my Cortisol levels were too high and the only way that I could get them under control was to take off.  Initially it was going to be one week but I decided to take a second week off.  I listened to my body and it was telling me that I wasn’t ready.  I almost worked out at the end of the second week because I started to feel like I needed to be in the gym.  Kind of like I was getting withdrawals.

Two weeks off after a couple of weeks of lame workouts. Now what?  Do I start-up slow?  Nope, I left on Sunday for Plainfield, IL and would workout from Monday to Wednesday at Xtreme Speed.  Once again I wanted to fire it up again with the right atmosphere.  It’s not like I hadn’t fallen out of shape again so I felt great getting back in there.  They still kicked my ass.  First and third day are upper body days and the second day is a leg and cardio day.  After the second workout it felt like a fog had lifted.  I feel awesome and my thought process seems like it getting back to where I was before I was losing my mind.

Although I needed the rest, I also needed a change of atmosphere.  That atmosphere has to be positive.  It can be the physical place and it can be the people that you train with.  It can even be the workout.  Finding a group of people with a high level of intensity is what works best for me.

I also learned that if you set a goal that is not going the way that you wanted like I did then you better change it before it is too late.  Don’t let your pride get in the way of a mistake.

For me healthy life style is not an ongoing battle.  It is about getting in tune with your body, learning and reaching your goals.  I have a passion for this new phase of my life, so I choose to spend the time on myself and also on helping others figure out what works for them.

Setting Your Healthy Lifestyle Goals For The New Year

Every year people set up their New Years Resolutions.  Some of the most popular Resolutions include: Stop Drinking Alcohol.  Actually make that Drink Less. Eat Healthy or Go on a Diet.  Stop Smoking.  Lose Weight.  People obviously are concerned with their health but in many of the cases the New Years Resolutions become a bad ongoing joke.  How many people have the same resolutions every year?  How is it that the obesity rate in the United States increases every year even though some of the most popular resolutions include living a healthy lifestyle?  The answer is easy.  People can’t stick with it.

When setting up my goals it is always more effective for me if I write them down.  When I write them down they will not look like this:  Eat Healthier, Lose Weight….
Instead I will write it down in a way that makes me want to set out to do it.  I will show intentions.
I Will Eat Healthier
I Will Lose Weight

Not only that but I want to be able to set measures and set a date for my goals to be accomplished.
I Will Lose 25 LBS by March 21st.

In some cases it may be an ongoing goal.  I am actually living a healthy lifestyle.
I Will Eat 6 Healthy Meals a Day.  Each with Carbs and Protein.

Next I will put it in a place where I can see it each day.  The bathroom mirror.  The refrigerator.   The constant reminder.

When it comes to weight loss.  You can measure it in ways other than weight loss.  Take measurements of your waist, neck, arms, chest and legs.  Check your body fat, with calipers or in another way.  I had times where my weight actually went up over the course of a week.  It could have been water weight, muscle or I just weighed in at a different time of day and there was a difference. I noticed weight loss just from not being able to keep my pants up with my oversized belt.  I found at least one change each week.  It may have been minor but it was a change.

Toward the end of my 12 week Transformation, I realized that I was not going to reach my actually goals without cutting carbs out of my diet.  I didn’t want to make that kind of change to my diet, (I don’t think low carb diets are healthy) so I added 4 more weeks on to my Transformation.  There is nothing wrong with not meeting your goal on time.  I’m not done until I’m finished.  Funny thing is.  I am still not finished.


This year my goals will center around the competitive side of me.  I ran 8 obstacle/mud races last year.  The first was in April.  This year I have decided to finish 12 races.  The goal is very doable but I want to make sure that I commit myself to it.  Notice how I said, I Will Finish 12 not that I will Run in 12.  If I don’t cross the finish line it doesn’t count.  I will also run 1,000 miles this year.  There are plenty of people who do a lot more than that.  I don’t think that I have ever run that much any other year.  I want to set a number to it this year.  This will make sure that I don’t get to settled in with how fit, that I think I am.  I don’t want to start thinking that I don’t need to do any cardio.  I will track my miles by day, week and month.  Less than 20 miles a week.  For all I know, I already ran that much this year.  Both of these goals are something that will take the entire year to do.  I am add a simple one day goal of 1000 push ups in a day.  When I wrestled in High School we did a lot more than 1000 in a day and we did it almost every day.  But now I do push ups in some of my workouts but nothing even close to 1000.  I felt like I wanted a quick goal.  I also added something that is more of a Bucket List Item.  I have always wanted to go Sky Diving, so now I have decided that this will be the year that I go Sky Diving.  I Will continue to live my life in a way in which I accomplish what I set out to do and do the things that make me happy. 

Nobake Oatmeal Monkey Cookies

Oatmeal Monkey

2 Bananas
1 Cup Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1 Tablespoon Ground Flax Seeds
4 tablespoons Raw Honey
1 Cup Almonds
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Blend Almonds into a powder.
Add Oatmeal, Bananas,  Honey, Almonds, Vanilla Extract
Take spoonfuls out and put on tray
Place in freezer for 3 hours

Chocolate Oatmeal Monkey Cookies

2 Bananas
1 Cup
Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1 Tablespoon Ground Flax Seeds
5 tablespoons Raw Honey
1 Cup Almonds
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
Raw Cacao Powder

Blend Almonds into a powder.
Add Oatmeal, Bananas,  Honey, Almonds, Vanilla Extract, Raw Cacao Powder
Take spoonfuls out and put on tray
Place in freezer for 3 hours

Health Benefits

Bananas (With brown spots – They contain TNF – Fight Cancer and abnormal cells- Increases immunity)
High in Potassium
High in Fiber
Prevents High Blood Pressure
Reduces Risk of Stroke
Prevents Heart Disease
Great for Bone Health
Help prevent and get rid of ulcers
Help increase PH
Great for the Digestive Tract
Low on the Glycemic Index (won’t spike blood sugar)
Great for the eyes

Good for brain development (great for kids)
Helps in preventing colon cancer by moving food through the colon
Helps reduce the cause of plaque buildup in the arteries of the heart
Regulates Blood Pressure
Regulates Cholesterol
Helps fight diabetes.  Keeps Blood sugar down
Rich in fiber
Boosts Energy
(Drink a lot of water with almonds)

Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
Lowers Cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease
Makes you feel full longer
May reduce risk of type 2 diabetes
May reduce heart disease
May reduce high blood pressure
Contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
May reduce risk for certain cancers

Ground Flax Seed
Helps with digestion and good for cardiovascular system.
Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
Provides anti-inflammatory properties

Raw Honey
Increases natural energy
Used in treating allergies
Treats colds and sore throats (it coats the throat and reduces irritation)
Used as an acne treatment

Vanilla Extract
Antioxidant Properties
May fight Cancer
Boost Metabolism
Reduces Anxiety
May fight infections and fever in children
Reduces Nausea

Raw Cacao (Chocolate)
Known as a Super-Food
Claims to reduce cataracts, improve heart function and alleviate stress
High in antioxidant flavonoids
Claims to reduce free radicals in the body and in turn reducing risk of cancer


The Power Of Mind Control

The most important part of my transformation has been the psychological aspect.  That is how I came up with the acronym S.W.I.M. (Self-Control, Will Power, Inspiration, Motivation).  Honestly once I figured this out and thought about what it meant it made my transformation that much easier for me.  It allowed me to set a psychological goal if that makes any sense.  It was tough at first but after a little while it became easier.   At this point it’s almost funny.  I figured out how to control my own mind.  I looked at how many things I did out of habit or temptation.  I was addicted to food.  I felt peer pressure.  If I went out to dinner, I would eat anything that hit the table.  Not just a slice of bread but usually about 2 loaves.  How many appetizers could I cram down my throat before my main course?  If there was calamari, I was probably eating two appetizers.  If I went to a bar, I drank.  What else would you do in a bar?  (I’ll still go to bars once in a while but rarely drink).  If I walked into the supermarket I would walk by the cookie section about 10 times for the free samples.  I would buy 3 boxes of Oreo cookies to save for my “cheat day”.  I would than convince myself that I was just going to eat one and save the rest for later.  Within 3 hours the first box was gone.  The next two might make it for about 3 more days.  I would travel and convince myself that I needed  to stay out of the gym during the entire trip.

I took at look at how my lack of self-control had made me feel crappy about the way I looked at myself.  I realized that it was a weakness.  I was WEAK!  I couldn’t control my own mind.  I felt like I had an addiction and had no control over it (I actually did).  How could I be that weak?  It was embarrassing.

Once I became honest with myself and could actually look in the mirror and say that I need to lose 40 pounds not 10.  I need to realize what else is affecting my life.  What do I need to do to make this transformation?  5 days a week in the gym (already doing that), running 5 days a week (right now I run 4 days a week.  2 days are light and 2 are tied into my workouts).  Stick with a nutrition program that I can live with, without cheating.

It’s amazing how many situations I end up in where I pass on things that I would have jumped all over in the past.  I actually feel really good about myself when I sit down to dinner with friends and don’t touch the bread, which I use to gob with butter.  I don’t need it.  I wanted it.  My health is more important and the truth is that when you can control your mind over things like this you can also control it over other things.  I chewed tobacco for over 20 years and every time I quit I constantly thought about it.  I needed it when I drove, drank, or had stress.  I had a lot of stress.  I could not even tell you the day that I quit.  It is irrelevant to me.  It really doesn’t matter since I don’t think about it.  I almost forgot to write about it in this post.

It is important that you enjoy the food that you do eat.  6 healthy nutritious small portioned meals a day that include both carbohydrates and protein.  Be creative with your food.  There are plenty of things that you can eat that taste like they are bad for you because they taste so good.

Being able to control my own mind influences many other aspects of my life.  It also makes me consider how my actions may affect other people.  I rather be a positive influence than having a negative influence or no influence.  I have also realized that I can do much more now at 46 then what I ever thought that I could.  I don’t set limitations for myself anymore (this will be a future post).

I would challenge to try something next time you go out to dinner with friends.  When bread is brought to the table don’t eat any for the entire meal.  See if you can resist it.  If you don’t like bread try using this with a similar situation.  Pass on cake at a party at the office.  Don’t bother getting some just to bring home and eat later.  Just pass it up.  This is less about your nutrition than it is about being able to control your own mind.

If you thought that this post was about bending spoons or controlling someone else with your mind, sorry to disappoint you but the truth is that if you can learn how to do this than you will change your life for the better.  You will accomplish more.


What The Quality Of Life Means To Me

1) Living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying it – By making changes to my life I have reduced the risk of a stroke, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases.  I have done all of this with food that I actually enjoy.  Recipes like Fruit and Nut Bars  or Coconut Flavored Chocolate  actually make me feel like I am eating something that can’t possibly be good for me.  I don’t feel like I am missing anything and I am eating healthy.  I also enjoy working out and actually do workouts that have quite a bit of variation.  I compete in Mud Runs and Obstacle Races.  I hike and spend a lot of time out doors.
I actually thought about what it would be like to have a stroke and survive.  I would not want to be a burden on others and I definitely would not want be paralyzed on one side due to a stroke.  Obviously there are other things that could happen to me but I  would rather limit my health risks.  

2) Finding my passion – Experiencing Life the way it was meant to be experienced –  Live and do things that make me feel alive.  Do things that are fun.  For me it is competing and challenging myself.  20 years without it is a long time. It’s working out.  It’s helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Hearing that I made a difference in someone else’s life actually motivates me even more.

Someone else could actually use their own body transformation to help them find what they are missing.  Turns out that it is much more than just a body transformation.  Maybe they haven’t discovered it yet.  If that is the case or if they haven’t pursued it maybe it is for the same reason that it took me so long to find mine.  Or at least to reconnect with it.  I was consumed with work.  I didn’t know how to allocate my time.  Giving myself a break to do the things that I love actually makes me more efficient with work.  It also makes me realize the wasted time that I spent.  My passion might actually become work.  I doubt that I will complain about that.  No excuses.  If I want to do something I do it.  I won’t make excuses on why I can’t do them and I won’t wait on others to do them with me.  If someone else wants to come along great.  (I use to see or hear about things that I wanted to try or do and would wait for someone to come along.  If I continued to wait I still might not have done my first Mud Run/Obstacle Race.  3 friends did the Spartan Race with me in Fenway Park the other day.) If not, I’m on my own.  Fine with me.  It’s my passion not theirs.  If someone’s passion is knitting I probably won’t be able to find the time to spend on knitting with them.  But if that makes them happy great.  Your passion may not have to do with training or nutrition or mud runs/obstacle races (however, try a mud run and see if you don’t get hooked).  It amazes me how many people have told me for the last year that they want to do one of the races and still haven’t.  That kind of accomplishment does hook people).  If you don’t have time to spend on your passion, make the time.  You will be happy that you did.  It will change your life.

3) Spending time with family, friends and my dogs Bailey and Riley – It’s nice when it involves my passion but like I said not everyone will spend the time on mine.  Just make memories and memorable times.  Have fun.

When I do die, I want to be able to say that I lived life the way that I wanted to live it.  That I enjoyed it and didn’t waste a day.
I’m sure that I can go on and on but I have only recently started to reprioritize my life and these are the things that I am spending time on now.  Learn to S.W.I.M.™ and find your passion.

Tropical Cranberry Sauce

24 Ounces of Cranberries
2 juice Oranges
2 Table Spoons of Raw Honey
1 Cup of Pineapple
1/2 Cup of Fresh Coconut
1/2 Cup of Walnuts

Blend Coconut in Food Processor
Add Walnuts and blend
Add Oranges, Pineapple and Cranberries and blend
Add Raw Honey and blend
Add more Honey if you would like it sweeter

Contains Many Vitamins and Minerals
Contains Anti-Inflammatory Qualities
Great for Arthritis, Gout and other conditions that involve inflammation
Helps with Digestion
Strengthens Gums and Bones
Fights colds

Contains Antioxidants and Antibacterial properties
Great for the Urinary Tract
Lowers risk for cancer (Breast and Colon)
Good for the heart
Good for the Eyes

Great Source of Vitamin C
Great source of Fiber
Contains Bioflavonoids (White Part Under the Skin Contains Much of it)
Contains Antioxidants
Reduces Production of Cholesterol
Decreases Risk of Heart disease
Can lower high blood pressure
Strengthens Immune System
Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones
Fights Viruses

Raw Honey
Increases natural energy
Used in treating allergies
Treats colds and sore throats (it coats the throat and reduces irritation)
Used as an acne treatment

Fresh Coconut
Helps Lower Blood Pressure
Promotes Weight Loss
Improves Production of Red Blood Cells
Contains Anti-Viral Properties
Fights Colds and Fevers (Viral)
Boosts Energy

Walnuts Benefits:
Contains minerals, antioxidants and vitamins
Contains good fats including omega-3’s
Helps lower Cholesterol
Helps prevent heart disease and high blood pressure
Helps prevent certain cancers
Promotes Anti Aging
Helps remove free radicals from the body

Fruit And Nut Bar

1 Cup Almonds
1 Cup Sunflower Seeds
2 Tablespoons Ground Flax Seed
1 Cup Pumpkin Seeds
1 Cup Fresh Coconut
1 Cup Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1/2 Cup Goji Berries
1.5 Cups Dates
1.5 Cups Apricots
3 Tablespoons Raw Honey
1 Tablespoon Cinnamon
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
2 Eggs
1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

Pre-heat oven to 300
Blend Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seed, Pumpkin Seeds, Coconut, Oats, Goji Berries together.   Add Dates,
Apricots, Raw Honey, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Eggs and blend until it is a paste.

Cover Baking Pan with Coconut Oil.  Add paste.  Place in oven.  Cook for 45 minutes.

Good for brain development (great for kids)
Helps in preventing colon cancer by moving food through the colon
Helps reduce the cause of plaque buildup in the arteries of the heart
Regulates Blood Pressure
Regulates Cholesterol
Helps fight diabetes.  Keeps Blood sugar down
Rich in fiber
Boosts Energy
(Drink a lot of water with almonds)


Sunflower Seeds
Helps prevent heart disease and cancer.
Contains Antioxidants.

Ground Flax Seed
Helps with digestion and good for cardiovascular system.
Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
Provides anti-inflammatory properties

Pumpkin Seeds
Help with the immune system.
Contains antioxidants and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
May help with arthritis and osteoporosis.
May fight prostate cancer.
Helps stabilize cholesterol.

Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
Lowers Cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease
Makes you feel full longer
May reduce risk of type 2 diabetes
May reduce heart disease
May reduce high blood pressure
Contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
May reduce risk for certain cancers

Raw Honey
Increases natural energy
Used in treating allergies
Treats colds and sore throats (it coats the throat and reduces irritation)
Used as an acne treatment

May lower cholesterol
May help treat Type 2 Diabetes
Contains antifungal properties and may rid the body of candida
May reduce proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells
When added to food inhibits bacterial growth and is a natural food preservative
Boosts cognitive function and memory
Helps eliminate headaches and migraines
Helps stabilize blood sugar
Increases metabolism

High in Fiber.
Prevents absorption of LDL Cholesterol.
Protects colon.
Good for vision.
Fights cancer and Cardiovascular disease.
High in Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Copper and Magnesium.  Also contains B6.

Vanilla Extract
Antioxidant Properties
May fight Cancer
Boost Metabolism
Reduces Anxiety
May fight infections and fever in children
Reduces Nausea

Contains Fiber and antioxidants.
Fights cancer and heart disease.
Lowers cholesterol.
Fights infections and free radicals.
Good source of vitamins and minerals including Iron.

Goji Berries
Contains antioxidants.
May help prevent cancer and heart disease.
May boost the immune system and lower cholesterol.
Anti-Aging properties.
May fight Alzheimer’s.
Good for vision.

May prevent macular degeneration
Lowers risk of developing cataracts
May help prevent blood clots, stroke and heart attacks
Helps regulate brain, nervous system and cardiovascular system
May improve lipid profile (Cholesterol Levels)
May lower risk of breast cancer
Promotes healthy hair and nails

Fresh Coconut
Helps Lower Blood Pressure
Promotes Weight Loss
Improves Production of Red Blood Cells
Contains Anti-Viral Properties
Fights Colds and Fevers (Viral)
Boosts Energy

Coconut Oil
New research claiming that it has been helping Alzheimer’s patients improve and even reverse effects.
Positive results for people affected with Type 1 and 2 diabetes.
Increases thyroid health by raising body temperature.
It increases metabolism (increases body temp)
Increases energy
Coconut oil on the body can promote healthy skin and hair

Shrimp And Scallops With Tomato Sauce Over Spaghetti Squash

1 LB Scallops
1 LB Shrimp
2 Garlic Cloves
1 Large Onion
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
6 Large Organic Tomatoes
1 Teaspoon Oregano
1 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
1 Teaspoon Paprika
1 Teaspoon Cumin
Fresh Ground Pepper as desired
1 Teaspoon Rosemary
3 Bay Leaves
2 Jalapeno’s
Spaghetti Squash

Heat frying pan on medium heat
Add Oil
Sauteed Onions, jalapeno and 1 Garlic Clove (cut up) in Olive Oil.
Add Shrimp and Scallops
Cook until Shrimp are pink.
Drain any water.

Heat Large Pot
Add Tomatoes to Food Processor and puree
Place Tomatoes in Pot
Add 1 Garlic Clove, Oregano, Paprika, Cumin, Fresh Pepper, Rosemary, Bay Leaves
Add Shrimp, Scallops, Onions, jalapeno and Garlic.
Cook until high simmer

Pre-heat Oven to 350
Poke holes all over Squash with fork
Put Spaghetti Squash in on a metal pan
Cook for 1 hour

Remove Squash and cut in half.  You may have to let it cool off
Remove Seeds and guts
Take a fork and scrap the insides of squash onto plate.
It will come out looking like spaghetti
Add Seafood Sauce

Healthy Benefits

Helps with Cardiovascular System.
Improves the immune system.
Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids and B12.
Helps control high Blood Pressure.
Reduce chances of Stroke.
Fights free radicals.

Fights Cancer (Prostate).
Good for skin, hair and nails.
Strengthens Bones.
Promotes red blood cell production.
Increases energy.
Good for the thyroid.
Stabilizes blood sugar

Garlic Cloves
Contains Antioxidants
Attacks free radicals
Fights Colds and Flu
Lowers Cholesterol
Acts as a natural antibiotic (bacteria doesn’t grow resistant to it)

Good for the liver
When mixed with protein they
Lowers Cholesterol
Thins blood, reduces risk of blood clots
Fights Asthma
Fights Bronchitis
Fights Hay Fever
Fights Diabetes
Reduces risk of stomach cancer
Detoxify the body of heavy metals

Olive Oil
Contains Antioxidants
Contains Probiotics
Improves Blood Vessel Function
Boosts the immune system
Fights Cancer
Fights Heart Disease
Regulates Blood Pressure
Fights Diabetes
May help fight Obesity
Fights Arthritis
Fights Osteoporosis

Contains antioxidants
Fights Cancer (prostate, cervical, stomach, rectum, breast and mouth)
Lowers Cholesterol
Helps keep digestive system healthy
Detoxify body
Alleviates Type 2 Diabetes
Good for Healthy skin, hair, nails, teeth and bones
Fights urinary tract infections and bladder cancer
Prevents Gallstones

Contains Antioxidants.
Contains Omega-3’s.
Rich in Fiber.
Contains Iron.

Contains Antioxidants.
Helps with blood circulation and regulates blood pressure.

Contains Antioxidants
Anti-Inflammatory and Antibacterial.
Great for the digestive Tract.
Reduces Gas in the intestines.
Speeds up metabolism.
Supports weight loss.
Fights fat by breaking down the fat cells.
Relief from respiratory problems

Cayenne Pepper
Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory.
Fights Cancer (prostate, lungs and pancreas).
Great for the cardiovascular system.
Reduces Cholesterol and triglycerides.
Increases metabolism.
Good for intestinal health.
Including healing stomach and intestinal ulcers.
Aids in digestion.

Anti-Allergic, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Septic.
Helps with Cardiovascular system.
High in Iron.

Bay Leaves
Contains antioxidants.
May fight cancer.
Aids in Digestion.
Good for the nervous system.
Good for Cardiovascular system

Fights Cancer
Lowers Blood Pressure
Good for the heart
Reduces Cholesterol and Triglycerides
Increases Metabolism.  Helps body burn fat.

Helps with Digestion
Helps stimulate and relax and helps with Insomnia
Helps with Respiratory Problems
Antiviral (fights colds)
Good for lactating mothers
Detoxify the body
Fights Cancer

Spaghetti Squash
High in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

How To Order Breakfast While Eating Out

Trying to eat healthy while eating out can be pretty difficult. The things that I mention in this video are pretty simple and maybe it isn’t so hard to order your breakfast, but since breakfast is the first meal of the day, why not make it as nutritious as possible. Also many people have trouble with portion control. This will help keep your portions down while you eat out.

When I booked my trip to Jackson, WY, I booked a hotel that had free breakfast.  A lot of good the free breakfast did me.  When I am checking out the breakfast I always ask if the eggs are real.  They always look at me like I am an idiot.  Usually they say yes.  So then I ask them if the eggs come out of a bag, carton or box.  Did you crack a shell? Did you pour them out of a bag? It’s really not that hard to look at the eggs that they cook and realize that there is something wrong with them.  Sometimes the people say yes we do get them out of a bag, but we can make you real eggs.  They aren’t going to be free range but I rather go with this option.

At the point that I find out that the chicken was given Milk of Magnesia in order to spray paint eggs, I start looking at my other options, which will include going to restaurant.  I usually look for a place that just serves breakfast and lunch or a diner.

Hopefully this video will make you think when you order your next meal.  Eat healthy and enjoy your food.

For other tips on living a healthy lifestyle check out and

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