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My Transformation: How and when do I begin?

Prior to my transformation, I was already working out, I was already running and I was already eating healthy (Or so I thought). When I look back I remember coming to the realization that I lacked the psychological aspects. I was not putting all of these pieces together in an efficient manner and I was cheating myself.   I was afraid to admit to myself that I wasn’t happy with the way that I looked or felt.  I did know it in the back of my mind.  I knew that I could lose a couple of pounds (but couldn’t face that it was more than a couple) and I would start cutting weight, but it would quickly come to an end and I would increase my weight again.  A set back (Excuse) would take place and make me lose my focus.  On March 21st I posted my old before/after photos from the Body For Life Competition that I competed in and became a runner-up in 1998.  The first body transformation truly did get me to make a life changing decision. However, traveling and laziness caused me to binge more and more. I felt like I ate healthy and I was working out every day and running every day.  The reason for me posting these pictures was to motivate me to accomplish my goal of getting the lean body that I used to have.  If I could dust off my current body, I could look great.  The best thing that came out of my post was a comment that a friend made.  This is a friend that I have a ton of respect for.  He has done things that many others including myself have been unable to do.  He played in the NFL.  His playing weight was 320 pounds and when his NFL career ended he did his own transformation and got down to around 240 pounds.  He knows what it takes to achieve great things including a transformation.  As a joke he said “….and now you’re back to your before stage!! hahahahahaha.”  I knew that he was kidding but that’s all that I needed to get the motivation that I needed to finally say that I was going to commit to get my program started.  It made me look at those pics and got me to do the math.  Let’s see I started at 262 and finished at 199.  I’m 240 plus right now.  I am closer to my before stage.  What the hell did I do to myself.  How do you get to around 3% body fat and then get your FAT BODY back years later.  Didn’t I learn anything?  I did.  I learned how to lie to myself.  I learned how to have a weak mind.  I’m going to get my body tuned up again and I’ll make sure to share my new after pics.  My friend who made the comment will see how much his comment pissed me off (like I said, I knew that he was joking, but I wanted to say those words myself.  I was pissed at myself).  

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