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Crock Pot Shrimp


4 Lbs Shrimp
2 Juice from Lemon
10 Pearl Onions
4 Green Onions finely chopped
5 Garlic Cloves
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
1 TBS Sea Salt
1/4 Cup Capers
4 Bay Leaves
I TBS Coriander
1 TBS Red Pepper Flakes
1 TBS Ground Pepper
3 Cups Farro (can substitute rice or quinoa)

Put Farro into crock pot next add shrimp.  Add all other ingredients.  Set Crock Pot on low and cook for 4 hours.

Fights Cancer (Prostate).
Good for skin, hair and nails.
Strengthens Bones.
Promotes red blood cell production.
Increases energy.
Good for the thyroid.
Stabilizes blood sugar

Green Onions
Anti Blood Clotting properties
Decreases Cholesterol
Good for Bones
Good for Connective Tissue
Fights Cancer

Pearl Onions
Anti Bacterial
Anti Microbial
Anti Inflammatory
Good for the liver
Lowers Cholesterol
Thins blood, reduces risk of blood clots
Fights Asthma
Fights Bronchitis
Fights Hay Fever
Fights Diabetes
Reduces risk of stomach cancer
Detoxify the body of heavy metals

Garlic Cloves
Contains Antioxidants
Attacks free radicals
Fights Colds and Flu
Lowers Cholesterol
Acts as a natural antibiotic (bacteria doesn’t grow resistant to it)

Red Pepper Flakes
Boosts Metabolism
Good for Eyes
Decreases Chances of Developing Blood Clots

Contains Antioxidants
Strengthen Capillaries
Great for Circulation
Lowers Cholesterol
High in Vitamins and Minerals

Helps the body become Alkaline by increasing PH
High in Vitamin C
Strengthens Blood Vessels
Great for the Heart
Good for Teeth and Bones
*Lemon Juice can destroy tooth enamel.  Dilute with water or something else.
Helps rid the body of kidney stones and other kidney and bladder problems

Black Pepper
Contains Antioxidants
Anti-Inflammatory and Antibacterial.
Great for the digestive Tract.
Reduces Gas in the intestines.
Speeds up metabolism.
Supports weight loss.
Fights fat by breaking down the fat cells.
Relief from respiratory problems

Sea Salt
Alkalizes the Body
Contains Minerals
Good for the Cardiovascular System
Good for the Brain
Good for the Skin
Important for Hydration
Boosts Immune System
Helps maintain Sugar Levels (good for Diabetes)
Prevents Osteoporosis
Prevents Muscle Cramps and Spasms
Reduces Cholesterol
Reduces Inflammation in respiratory system (Good for Asthma)

Olive Oil
Contains Antioxidants
Contains probiotics
Improves Blood Vessel Function
Boosts the immune system
Fights Cancer
Fights Heart Disease
Regulates Blood Pressure
Fights Diabetes
May help fight Obesity
Fights Arthritis
ts osteoporosis

Bay Leaves
Contains antioxidants.
May fight cancer.
Aids in Digestion.
Good for the nervous system.
Good for Cardiovascular system

Coriander Seeds
Lowers Blood Sugar
Lowers LDL (Bad) Cholesterol
Increased HDL (Good) Cholesterol
Fights Free Radicals
High in Iron
Aids in digestion

High in Fiber
High in Magnesium
Low Glycemic Index
Increases Immune System
Lowers Cholesterol


How To Order Breakfast While Eating Out

Trying to eat healthy while eating out can be pretty difficult. The things that I mention in this video are pretty simple and maybe it isn’t so hard to order your breakfast, but since breakfast is the first meal of the day, why not make it as nutritious as possible. Also many people have trouble with portion control. This will help keep your portions down while you eat out.

When I booked my trip to Jackson, WY, I booked a hotel that had free breakfast.  A lot of good the free breakfast did me.  When I am checking out the breakfast I always ask if the eggs are real.  They always look at me like I am an idiot.  Usually they say yes.  So then I ask them if the eggs come out of a bag, carton or box.  Did you crack a shell? Did you pour them out of a bag? It’s really not that hard to look at the eggs that they cook and realize that there is something wrong with them.  Sometimes the people say yes we do get them out of a bag, but we can make you real eggs.  They aren’t going to be free range but I rather go with this option.

At the point that I find out that the chicken was given Milk of Magnesia in order to spray paint eggs, I start looking at my other options, which will include going to restaurant.  I usually look for a place that just serves breakfast and lunch or a diner.

Hopefully this video will make you think when you order your next meal.  Eat healthy and enjoy your food.

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