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The Power Of Mind Control

The most important part of my transformation has been the psychological aspect.  That is how I came up with the acronym S.W.I.M. (Self-Control, Will Power, Inspiration, Motivation).  Honestly once I figured this out and thought about what it meant it made my transformation that much easier for me.  It allowed me to set a psychological goal if that makes any sense.  It was tough at first but after a little while it became easier.   At this point it’s almost funny.  I figured out how to control my own mind.  I looked at how many things I did out of habit or temptation.  I was addicted to food.  I felt peer pressure.  If I went out to dinner, I would eat anything that hit the table.  Not just a slice of bread but usually about 2 loaves.  How many appetizers could I cram down my throat before my main course?  If there was calamari, I was probably eating two appetizers.  If I went to a bar, I drank.  What else would you do in a bar?  (I’ll still go to bars once in a while but rarely drink).  If I walked into the supermarket I would walk by the cookie section about 10 times for the free samples.  I would buy 3 boxes of Oreo cookies to save for my “cheat day”.  I would than convince myself that I was just going to eat one and save the rest for later.  Within 3 hours the first box was gone.  The next two might make it for about 3 more days.  I would travel and convince myself that I needed  to stay out of the gym during the entire trip.

I took at look at how my lack of self-control had made me feel crappy about the way I looked at myself.  I realized that it was a weakness.  I was WEAK!  I couldn’t control my own mind.  I felt like I had an addiction and had no control over it (I actually did).  How could I be that weak?  It was embarrassing.

Once I became honest with myself and could actually look in the mirror and say that I need to lose 40 pounds not 10.  I need to realize what else is affecting my life.  What do I need to do to make this transformation?  5 days a week in the gym (already doing that), running 5 days a week (right now I run 4 days a week.  2 days are light and 2 are tied into my workouts).  Stick with a nutrition program that I can live with, without cheating.

It’s amazing how many situations I end up in where I pass on things that I would have jumped all over in the past.  I actually feel really good about myself when I sit down to dinner with friends and don’t touch the bread, which I use to gob with butter.  I don’t need it.  I wanted it.  My health is more important and the truth is that when you can control your mind over things like this you can also control it over other things.  I chewed tobacco for over 20 years and every time I quit I constantly thought about it.  I needed it when I drove, drank, or had stress.  I had a lot of stress.  I could not even tell you the day that I quit.  It is irrelevant to me.  It really doesn’t matter since I don’t think about it.  I almost forgot to write about it in this post.

It is important that you enjoy the food that you do eat.  6 healthy nutritious small portioned meals a day that include both carbohydrates and protein.  Be creative with your food.  There are plenty of things that you can eat that taste like they are bad for you because they taste so good.

Being able to control my own mind influences many other aspects of my life.  It also makes me consider how my actions may affect other people.  I rather be a positive influence than having a negative influence or no influence.  I have also realized that I can do much more now at 46 then what I ever thought that I could.  I don’t set limitations for myself anymore (this will be a future post).

I would challenge to try something next time you go out to dinner with friends.  When bread is brought to the table don’t eat any for the entire meal.  See if you can resist it.  If you don’t like bread try using this with a similar situation.  Pass on cake at a party at the office.  Don’t bother getting some just to bring home and eat later.  Just pass it up.  This is less about your nutrition than it is about being able to control your own mind.

If you thought that this post was about bending spoons or controlling someone else with your mind, sorry to disappoint you but the truth is that if you can learn how to do this than you will change your life for the better.  You will accomplish more.



Check Your PH. What does it mean?








PH (Potential Hydrogen)
Anything below 7 is acidic and anything above is Alkaline
A persons PH should be in the range of 7.35 to 7.45
They should have a slightly Alkaline PH but
Too Acidic or too Alkaline will cause health problems
This starts with oxygen deprivation from the cells
The body fails to absorb nutrients and minerals need for the body
The result: Fatigue, Weakened Immune System, Sickness
A person who has an Alkaline that is above 7.5 could develop problems also

What can you do?
A balanced diet will prevent the body from being in an acidic state.
There are foods in a balanced diet that will make your body acidic and foods that will make it alkaline.
Even though they make you acidic you still need some of them: Meat, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Nuts, Grains, Alcohol, Sugar, Cheese, Coffee, Soda.
Foods that will help you be alkaline: Vegetables (especially leafy greens like spinach), most fruits (including Lemons – Yes they will help make you alkaline), spices, pro-biotics.
Processed foods will also make the body acidic.

Make sure that you eat your fruits and vegetables

Cancer can not live in an Alkaline State, but thrive in an Acidic State

Symptoms of an Acidic PH
Digestive Tract Problems
High Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular Problems
High Blood Sugar
Trouble Focusing and Thinking
Losing Eyesight and Hearing Rapidly
Poor Tooth and Gum Health
Hair, Skin and Nails aging quickly
Poor Circulation
Joint Pain
Fungal Growth
Kidney Stones and Gallstones
Kidney disease
Liver Disease
Bone Disease

Pick up a PH test kit and test your PH level several different times over the next few days.  They should be available at drug stores and nutrition stores.

Living In A Medicated Society

I love these commercials that are out there with the pretty butterflies flying around the nice flowers while the happy music plays.  If the sound weren’t on I would think that it was a tampon commercial.  The narrator speaks in a soothing voice and announces the latest greatest product on the market that will help you with your road rage or depression.  He goes on to tell you to ask your doctor for a prescription.  This takes a total of about 3 seconds.  His voice speeds up and he says, “this product may cause, drowsiness, constipation, headaches, restlessness, stomach ache, hives, rectal bleeding, something that sounds like asmuthavavo (not sure what it is but I don’t think I want it), hypertension, …(he adds about 50 more).  At some point he inserts, paralysis, heart attacks and death (this part takes the other 27 seconds).
Death? Really? WTF.  If I am taking this product for depression, I think it will make me depressed if I don’t die first.

Within 3 years a commercial comes out about a class action lawsuit against the makers of the same product.  It stipulates that if you took whatever the hell it was within the last three years you may be entitled to a claim.  Probably because when they read the list of what might happen to you if you take it they forgot to mention that you may get black lung or athletes foot.

I’m not saying that all medication is a bad thing but honestly what the hell is some of it for?  I’ll tell you what I believe it is for.  It is so that the pharmaceutical companies can make a buttload of money off of your Road Rage Affliction.  And when there is a class action against them it is so that the law firm representing the people who developed athletes foot (from something they told them would screw them up) can make millions.

How come there are so many people out there who are on several types of medication?  Some of their problems are probably brought on by a medication that they are currently on or one they took in the past.  It doesn’t make sense to take one medication to suppress the effects of another medication.

These conditions that are being treated are both psychological and physical.  Personally I believe that everyone has something that could be considered a mental disorder.  With so many medications out there for mental health there is a huge market.  I have people tell me that I am crazy all of the time.  I’m not denying it.  My own self diagnosis tells me that I am OCD.  I like to count and do weird things in my head.  In some cases I do mathematical problems based on percentages.  When I type a letter or even a post I like to spell things out based on the 8th letter of each line going down.  In the past I had some depression.  I wonder what kind of medication I should take so I don’t count.  I cured my depression by transforming my life.  Life can be depressing.

If I was born about 10 years later, I might have been one of those kids that was put on Ritalin.  Kids are hyper.  Why do they need medication for it?  Don’t give them so much sugar.

I know that there are people with more severe problems than I had.  But there are only certain things that a person can control.  Because of this circumstances arise which cause people to react.  If they receive bad news they usually will become upset and it will add to their stress.  Stress will build up based on circumstance.  A few years ago like many others I was hit pretty hard by a bad economy.  I was very close to losing everything that I had.  All day and all night all I thought about was how much I owed and whether or not I was going to be able to make my next payment.  I had to make choices.  One of those choices was getting rid of my satellite dish, which was running about $150 a month.  Another was dropping my health insurance which was another $150 a month (by the way I was and still am self-employed).  I did get my health insurance back but to this day I still haven’t brought satellite or cable back into my house.  I did end up buying a smart tv and got Netflix.  Eventually, I will probably bring it back but at this point I am not home very much.  Dealing with all of these financial problems made things very stressful.  It led to a great deal of depression and uncertainness.  I was able to get through it and found ways to deal with my stress.  But it wasn’t until I began my transformation that I actually liberated myself from my own self diagnosed mental disorder.  My new lifestyle opened me up who I really was and made me look at everything in a different way.  This includes the way I look at and communicate with other people.  I was able to do all of this without taking medication.  I found a way to take control of my life not have some chemical take control of me.  I did this through diet, exercise and the other things that came about with my transformation.  Once again I am not saying that medication can’t be helpful but I do think it is overdone.

I am not suggesting that Jeffrey Dahmer should  be put on an exercise program and be given a healthy diet.  I don’t think there is a cure for what he has.  However, I would suggest giving him extra dose of the crap that they are advertising in the pretty butterfly commercial.

I avoid prescription medication and even non prescription medication as much as possible.  That’s me, I’m not saying that I don’t take antibiotics when I have surgery on my knee.  I did.  But I do look for alternative means.  First it is possible to avoid high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypertension or other cardiovascular related problems.  If you aren’t already on medication for one of these things a healthy diet can prevent you from having to take them.  If you are on medication, it is possible to reverse these health problems with a healthy diet which hopefully will allow you to get off of the medication.  Sometimes I wonder how close I was to having to take them.  I definitely wasn’t in as bad shape back in March as I was in 1998.  In 1998 I was told that I was about to POP.

I personally go for home remedies first.  About 7 years ago I went to the doctor and found out that I had a duodenal ulcer.  I asked him what I had to do to get rid of it.  His response was, “oh you can’t get rid of it.  There is nothing that you can do.”  At least he didn’t try to give me some medication.  I went home and looked online for some solutions.  What I decided to try was eat 3 bananas a day with 3 glasses of tomato juice.  In less than one week my ulcer was gone.  It came back about 1 year later and I repeated the process.  I am currently duodenal ulcer free for the last six years.

Another situation involved my dog Bailey.  She tested positive for Lyme Disease.  The vet said, “We can’t get rid of it, we can only control it.  But she will always have it.”  On the way home I called a friend of my that has helped me out with other health related things.  He told me that he could cure it.  A few days later I got something in the mail from him.  It was something made from Berberian Root.  He told me to give it to her several times a day for a long time.  3.5 months later he calls me and tells me, “You can stop giving Bailey the pills.  She is cured.”  I  thought it sounded kind of weird since the vet said it couldn’t be.  I took her to the vet and asked them to test her again.  They told me that I was wasting my money.  I told them that she was cured I had been giving her something.  They kind of rolled their eyes and drew her blood.  15 minutes later two of them walked into the room.  “What were you giving Bailey?”.  Me, “Did it work?” Vet “Well, ah yea, we think.  We have never had this happen.  She doesn’t even have any antibodies”.

In most cases these medications are not meant to cure but to control.  If you take high blood pressure medication, it keeps it down, but doesn’t really take care of your problem.  However, if you eat healthy you can cure your problem with high blood pressure.  If you go back to your old ways, then your high blood pressure will probably return.

Food definitely can cure, and herbs can cure.  The healthier you eat and with regular exercise the less risk you put yourself at for Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Kidney problems, etc…

If one person reads this and makes a change to their life, than it was worth me writing it.  Do you want to Learn to S.W.I.M™?

This post is not telling you to not take your medication or not seek medical help.  This post is my opinion and based on my own experiences. It suggests that you take control of your life without putting yourself at risk.  By the way if you are trying to figure out what I wrote in this post, I made that part up.  I am OCD but I also like take advantage of the gullibility factor (That may be another disorder.  I can’t help myself).

Forbidden Rice with Orange and Tomato

I like to be creative and try some different things out.  Instead of just having plain rice as a side dish, I decided to make rice that had a little more flavor.  I also used Forbidden Rice which is a black rice.

1 Cup Forbidden Rice (You can use brown rice)
2 Cups of water
1 Orange
1 Tomato
1/2 Red Onion
1/2 Green Pepper
Several Leaves of Fresh Basil

Put water and rice in a pot
Cover and bring to a boil
Lower heat and cook for 30 minutes
Peel Orange and cut up into bite size pieces
Cut up Tomato into bite size pieces
Cut up Onion into small pieces
Cut up Pepper into small pieces
Cut up Basil
When rice is done remove from heat and strain any excess water
Add orange, tomato, onion, pepper and basil

Health Benefits

Forbidden Rice –
Great source of carbohydrates
Contains Fiber
Contains Antioxidants

High in Vitamin C and Flavonoids
Contains Fiber
Fights Cancer (Keep the white part on it)
Lowers Cholesterol Production
Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
Great for the Immune System
Lowers High Blood Pressure
Reduces Risk of Kidney Stones
Protects Against Viruses

Contains Antioxidants
High in Vitamin C and Beta-carotene
Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
Fights Cancer
Great for bones
Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s

Green Peppers
High in Vitamin C and Vitamin E
Contains Antioxidants
Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Fights Cancer
Reduces Blood Sugar
May Reduce Risk of Cancer

Red Onions
Contains Antioxidants
Fights Cancer
Fights Free Radicals
Fights Colds
Reduces High Blood Pressure
Low Glycemic – Suppresses Blood Sugar Spikes

Great Source of Iron
Contains Antioxidants
Protects Against Free Radicals
Great for the Eyes
Supports Blood Pressure
Anti-Aging Properties
Good for Bones

Turkey Bowl

When I met Bill Phillips, one of the things that he spoke about was humor.  He has also written about it in his book “Transformation“.  Laughing a little or a lot everyday does make a difference.   Laughter  relieves stress, boosts the immune system, releases endorphins (which can relieve pain), and increases blood flow which may help your cardiovascular system.  Most of my blog is meant to inspire, motivate or provide information.  However, I do like to include stories that I think are funny.  Hopefully, I am not the only one laughing.  With Thanksgiving taking place today, I figured I would write about a Thanksgiving that took place in 2010.  Our annual Turkey Bowl.  This is a once a year game and in no way means that I would consider it a workout or believe that it fits in with my training program.  Well now that I think of it I guess this game is really good for those of us playing because we are laughing most of the time.
I’ve been playing with some of the same people in Turkey Bowl each year for over 20 years in Rock Creek Park in Maryland.   In the early years I actually would play in two different games that day. When “Old Age” crept up on me I stuck with one. Two years ago I invited my friend Oscar to play. Oscar showed up in his hoodie while we were picking teams and when asked if he had played football in high school, he said, “a little bit”. He ended up on the opposing team from me and he had made a bunch of plays. I had to let him build up his confidence. In the second half he must have been getting bored because he locked up his Turkey Bowl MVP with something like 7 TDs. I made my plays and had a pick and a couple of TDs also.

The next day I had made plans to go to the Redskins game with my friend Olandis Gary – former Bronco (he broke Terrell Davis Rookie Rushing Record) (current owner of Repax), my brother Adam (who organizes our Turkey Bowl) and another friend Kelly (Turkey Bowl Player). Olandis was the last pick up since he lives close to Fed Ex Field. Adam had met him before, but Kelly hadn’t. The whole ride Kelly is bitching to Olandis about the Ringer that I brought to the game. He was telling him how this guy embarrassed everyone. He did admit that the Turkey Bowl was still fun. I decided to get into the conversation.
Me: OG (for those who didn’t figure it out that stands for Olandis Gary, not Original Gangster. Maybe it’s original Gary.) What did you do for Thanksgiving?
OG: I played in a Turkey Bowl also.
Adam: Cool. Where?
OG: Oh. It was in Chevy Chase.
Adam: That’s where we play. Where.
OG: Somewhere in . . . Ah. . . Um… Rock. . Creek Park
Adam: What? Oh you mother F>*(#ers.
Kelly: What are you talking about? Who did you play with?
Me: Dam, Kelly don’t you recognize your own teammate?
Kelly: What the Hell. You guys suck.
It was hard to keep quiet for that entire day about having a bunch of guys who are almost in wheelchairs get abused by a former pro ball player. As the other guys found out they flipped.
By the way Olandis if you decide to make any derogatory comments about this I will tell everyone about the time I kicked your ass in HORSE about 9 years ago. (I didn’t say that out loud did I?)
I’m glad that Olandis didn’t see the article Tiki Barber selling his Turkey Bowl Services for $1,950.  He might take our milk money.

What The Quality Of Life Means To Me

1) Living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying it – By making changes to my life I have reduced the risk of a stroke, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases.  I have done all of this with food that I actually enjoy.  Recipes like Fruit and Nut Bars  or Coconut Flavored Chocolate  actually make me feel like I am eating something that can’t possibly be good for me.  I don’t feel like I am missing anything and I am eating healthy.  I also enjoy working out and actually do workouts that have quite a bit of variation.  I compete in Mud Runs and Obstacle Races.  I hike and spend a lot of time out doors.
I actually thought about what it would be like to have a stroke and survive.  I would not want to be a burden on others and I definitely would not want be paralyzed on one side due to a stroke.  Obviously there are other things that could happen to me but I  would rather limit my health risks.  

2) Finding my passion – Experiencing Life the way it was meant to be experienced –  Live and do things that make me feel alive.  Do things that are fun.  For me it is competing and challenging myself.  20 years without it is a long time. It’s working out.  It’s helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Hearing that I made a difference in someone else’s life actually motivates me even more.

Someone else could actually use their own body transformation to help them find what they are missing.  Turns out that it is much more than just a body transformation.  Maybe they haven’t discovered it yet.  If that is the case or if they haven’t pursued it maybe it is for the same reason that it took me so long to find mine.  Or at least to reconnect with it.  I was consumed with work.  I didn’t know how to allocate my time.  Giving myself a break to do the things that I love actually makes me more efficient with work.  It also makes me realize the wasted time that I spent.  My passion might actually become work.  I doubt that I will complain about that.  No excuses.  If I want to do something I do it.  I won’t make excuses on why I can’t do them and I won’t wait on others to do them with me.  If someone else wants to come along great.  (I use to see or hear about things that I wanted to try or do and would wait for someone to come along.  If I continued to wait I still might not have done my first Mud Run/Obstacle Race.  3 friends did the Spartan Race with me in Fenway Park the other day.) If not, I’m on my own.  Fine with me.  It’s my passion not theirs.  If someone’s passion is knitting I probably won’t be able to find the time to spend on knitting with them.  But if that makes them happy great.  Your passion may not have to do with training or nutrition or mud runs/obstacle races (however, try a mud run and see if you don’t get hooked).  It amazes me how many people have told me for the last year that they want to do one of the races and still haven’t.  That kind of accomplishment does hook people).  If you don’t have time to spend on your passion, make the time.  You will be happy that you did.  It will change your life.

3) Spending time with family, friends and my dogs Bailey and Riley – It’s nice when it involves my passion but like I said not everyone will spend the time on mine.  Just make memories and memorable times.  Have fun.

When I do die, I want to be able to say that I lived life the way that I wanted to live it.  That I enjoyed it and didn’t waste a day.
I’m sure that I can go on and on but I have only recently started to reprioritize my life and these are the things that I am spending time on now.  Learn to S.W.I.M.™ and find your passion.

What Is A Midlife Crisis And How Will You Face It?

On April 2, 2012 my life changed.  I made the decision on that day to commit to transforming my body.  Little did I know at the time that I would grow more in 2012 then ever before.  Not only would I drastically change my body over a 12 week, no 16 week, actually I think this thing is a lifetime transformation challenge.  I would change my mind (how I see things, how I am influenced, how I make decisions, etc…)  and my life.  I can not really say that I was unhappy or miserable prior to accomplishing my transformation, but I wouldn’t say that I was exactly happy.  Maybe it was more that I had my moments.  I wasn’t really honest with myself.  As my transformation progressed I became happier every day.   Obviously there have been situations that have happened in my life during this time which may have brought sadness, but I have also been able to continue on with my life in a positive way.  I am excited to wake up every day and I enjoy doing things that I may have missed out on in the past.

At 45 years old I guess I decided that I wanted to meet life head on.  As a little kid I grew up playing soccer and swimming on the swim team.  Once I entered High School, I moved on to football and wrestling.  I  continued with football throughout college. Towards the end of college I moved on to rugby which I played for the next couple of years.  Up until this time I was always involved in pick up games of basketball, team handball, handball and football.  Since high school I had also worked out.  Around the time I turned 25 all of this came to an end for the most part including the working out.  Every once in a while I might walk into the gym but it wouldn’t last.  In 1998 I competed in and became a Runner UP in the Bill Phillips 2nd Body For Life Challenge.  This new inspiration helped me focus on my health and fitness and got me into the best shape that I had been in during my adult life.  I was able to straighten out my nutrition and got into the gym on a regular basis.  This changed my life for the better.  I felt like I was doing everything that I had to do to continue with my healthy lifestyle.  I let it go.  I continued to work out but my nutrition was not good.  My head was not in the game.

In the back of my mind I knew that I wasn’t.  I was having trouble  being honest with myself.  I wanted my competitive life back.  The life that I left behind 20 years earlier.   For those last 20 years I was consumed with work.  60, 70, 80 hour work weeks.  My life was my work.  Sure work can be fulfilling, but aren’t there other things in life?  Once you enter the workforce is there limited time to do things that you really want to do?

I remember the days when we were forced to do one sprint after another at the end of football practice after you beat the hell out of each other.  I had a never quit attitude and would push harder and harder.  One day it all came to an end.  Let’s be honest, I never liked running and I still don’t.  Once it all ended there was no reason to put myself through the torture of training.  Training for what?  Turkey Bowl?  That’s once a year and just like every year I am going to go out and pull a hamstring or sprain an ankle or crack heads with someone else.  I don’t have to train for that.  I don’t have to torture myself for that. Well I do work out and I’m in good shape.  I can walk by the mirror, suck in my gut and see how great I look.
Well I guess that was about the time that my Mid Life Crisis set in.  I realized something was wrong.  I’m working out but I don’t look like I did in 1998 when I finished Bill Phillip’s Body For Life.

This was what helped motivate me to launch my new transformation.  Another Bill Phillips contest (Transformation Challenge).

This is when I started to learn to S.W.I.M.   For whatever reason I missed a lot of this in my first transformation.  Mostly the psychological side.  The part that could influence other parts of my life.  Also what made me decide to go even further on my “Journey to be Fit”.  The part that removed my limits.

I realized that I only have so much time on earth and I already let so many things pass me by.  I’m not going to miss out on something because I can’t make a decision or because I am waiting on someone else.  If I want to do something I am going to do it.  What does NIKE say?  I had been considering doing a mud run for about 5 months.  This is after I noticed the Tough Mudder.  However, I saw that the Tough Mudder was 12 miles and there was no way that I was going to run 12 miles.  Like I said.  I hate running.  I looked around a little more and noticed some shorter races.  Some of these were only 5k’s.  I already was running about 3 miles a day.  No problem.  I did my first race a few weeks into my transformation.  On Saturday, November 17th I will do my 7th race.  It’s a Spartan Race in Fenway Park.  On December 1st I will do my first Tough Mudder.  (I thought you said that you hate running?   Yes I did, but these obstacles are a blast.  The competition, challenge and achievement make you realize that you are alive.

I have a lot of people who wonder what the hell I am doing with my life.  Over the last 10 weeks (not long after completing my transformation) I have driven up to Plainfield, IL and stayed for 4 days and 3 nights each week.  I go there so that I can train at Xtreme Speed, which is a performance center owned by a friend of mine.  These guys are very intense.  I decided that I want to be on a whole other level.  In order to do that either train with people who have the same goals.  People who want to be where you want to go.  Or people who are already there.  These guys are already there.  I missed two weeks because I also went to Jackson, WY to have some new and old injuries treated by a friend of mine that does some amazing things with healing injuries and even illnesses with his own formulations.  (I will have more on my blog about him soon).  I also had a trip to Denver where I attended Bill Phillips new Transformation Program.  Basically all of my recent trips have been for myself.   It’s not like I stopped working.  I can work from anywhere.  I just made the decision to do things that I wanted to do.  At this point it is anything from sight seeing (places like Red Rocks in Denver) to training (which I love, especially when it is something different.  I also have another performance center that I will be checking out in the coming weeks) to running in mudruns or obstacle races.

I love the challenge.  I love being able to compete.  I love being more athletic than I have been since I was 25.  It’s never too late.

Is this my Mid Life Crisis?  If it is… Bring it on!  I’m turning 46 in 8 days and I look like I’m in my 30’s and feel like I’m in my 20’s.  Over the last 7 months I have totally transformed my body, mind and life and brought competition back into my life.  I also hope that I can help influence others to join me in this life changing experience.  

Tropical Cranberry Sauce

24 Ounces of Cranberries
2 juice Oranges
2 Table Spoons of Raw Honey
1 Cup of Pineapple
1/2 Cup of Fresh Coconut
1/2 Cup of Walnuts

Blend Coconut in Food Processor
Add Walnuts and blend
Add Oranges, Pineapple and Cranberries and blend
Add Raw Honey and blend
Add more Honey if you would like it sweeter

Contains Many Vitamins and Minerals
Contains Anti-Inflammatory Qualities
Great for Arthritis, Gout and other conditions that involve inflammation
Helps with Digestion
Strengthens Gums and Bones
Fights colds

Contains Antioxidants and Antibacterial properties
Great for the Urinary Tract
Lowers risk for cancer (Breast and Colon)
Good for the heart
Good for the Eyes

Great Source of Vitamin C
Great source of Fiber
Contains Bioflavonoids (White Part Under the Skin Contains Much of it)
Contains Antioxidants
Reduces Production of Cholesterol
Decreases Risk of Heart disease
Can lower high blood pressure
Strengthens Immune System
Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones
Fights Viruses

Raw Honey
Increases natural energy
Used in treating allergies
Treats colds and sore throats (it coats the throat and reduces irritation)
Used as an acne treatment

Fresh Coconut
Helps Lower Blood Pressure
Promotes Weight Loss
Improves Production of Red Blood Cells
Contains Anti-Viral Properties
Fights Colds and Fevers (Viral)
Boosts Energy

Walnuts Benefits:
Contains minerals, antioxidants and vitamins
Contains good fats including omega-3’s
Helps lower Cholesterol
Helps prevent heart disease and high blood pressure
Helps prevent certain cancers
Promotes Anti Aging
Helps remove free radicals from the body

Holiday Smoothie

A friend of mine has been asking me to come out with a green smoothie.  I make some kind of smoothie every day and decided that this one would be something that not only tastes great and is a little bit different but also goes with the upcoming holidays.

3 Raw Eggs
Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder
Handful of Spinach
1/2 Cup of Pineapple
1/2 Cup of Cranberries
1 Tablespoon of Raw Honey
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

Health Benefits

High in Protein
Great for the eyes
Fights Cardiovascular Problems
Helps with Cholesterol Profile

High in fiber
Helps with digestion
Fights Cancer
Lowers blood pressure
Good for eyes, skin, bones

Contains Many Vitamins and Minerals
Contains Anti-Inflammatory Qualities
Great for Arthritis, Gout and other conditions that involve inflammation
Helps with Digestion
Strengthens Gums and Bones
Fights colds

Contains Antioxidants and Antibacterial properties
Great for the Urinary Tract
Lowers risk for cancer (Breast and Colon)
Good for the heart
Good for the Eyes

Raw Honey
Increases natural energy
Used in treating allergies
Treats colds and sore throats (it coats the throat and reduces irritation)
Used as an acne treatment

May lower cholesterol
May help treat Type 2 Diabetes
Contains antifungal properties and may rid the body of candida
May reduce proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells
When added to food inhibits bacterial growth and is a natural food preservative
Boosts cognitive function and memory
Helps eliminate headaches and migraines
Helps stabilize blood sugar
Increases metabolism

Chicken With Oranges And Pineapple


3 chicken Breasts
3 Juice Oranges
1/2 Onion
1.5 teaspoons of Basil
1 teaspoon Black Pepper
1 Teaspoons Cinnamon
1 Cup Fresh Pineapple

2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil

Put frying pan on medium heat.
Add Coconut Oil
Cut up Onion
Add Onion to pan
Cut up Pineapple
Cut Chicken into bite size pieces
Remove skin from oranges
Put chicken in the pan
Cover with Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Basil
Squeeze oranges over chicken
Tear the oranges up and
Place the rest of the oranges in pan with chicken
Add the Pineapple
Stir once in a while
Cook for 15 minutes or until done

Healthy Benefits:

High in Protein (Builds and repairs Muscle)
Fights Alzheimer’s
Fights Cancer

Great Source of Vitamin C
Great source of Fiber
Contains Bioflavonoids (White Part Under the Skin Contains Much of it)
Contains Antioxidants
Reduces Production of Cholesterol
Decreases Risk of Heart disease
Can lower high blood pressure
Strengthens Immune System
Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones
Fights Viruses

Contains Many Vitamins and Minerals
Contains Anti-Inflammatory Qualities
Great for Arthritis, Gout and other conditions that involve inflammation
Helps with Digestion
Strengthens Gums and Bones
Fights colds

Anti Bacterial
Anti Microbial
Anti Inflammatory
Good for the liver
Lowers Cholesterol
Thins blood, reduces risk of blood clots
Fights Asthma
Fights Bronchitis
Fights Hay Fever
Fights Diabetes
Reduces risk of stomach cancer
Detoxify the body of heavy metals

May lower cholesterol
May help treat Type 2 Diabetes
Contains antifungal properties and may rid the body of candida
May reduce proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells
When added to food inhibits bacterial growth and is a natural food preservative
Boosts cognitive function and memory
Helps eliminate headaches and migraines
Helps stabilize blood sugar
Increases metabolism

Black Pepper
Fights fat by breaking down the fat cells
Relief from respiratory problems
Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory
Helps with Digestion

Coconut Oil
New research claiming that it has been helping Alzheimer’s patients improve and even reverse effects.
Positive results for people affected with Type 1 and 2 diabetes.
Increases thyroid health by raising body temperature.
It increases metabolism (increases body temp)
Increases energy
Coconut oil on the body can promote healthy skin and hair.


Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial
Contains Antioxidants
Contains many vitamins and minerals
Great for the Eyes

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