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  1. Eric, this is an awesome blog site. I do have a question for you…I need to know how you developed your mind. There’s something holding me back and I realized yesterday when we were training that you’ve learned how to push yourself beyond failure. How do I get there? Thanks. Jason Greer from Excel.

    • Thanks Jason. You really have to be strong enough to control your mind. Suck up the pain. Sometimes it comes down to what I wrote about on this post.
      In addition to that.
      When you’re training you might hit muscle failure. You know that you can accomplish something but maybe you don’t have the strength, endurance or muscle conditioning to achieve it. That’s when failure can be a good thing. Take a short rest (sometimes less than 10 seconds) and try to finish. You might have 5 reps left. You might have to stop after each one of them. You might need someone to help you. Your goal is to finish. The more you fail and finish, the more you will succeed.


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