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Lack Of Probiotics Might Make You Pass For Pregnant

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I was at the on a business trip with a friend of mine, who I had just seeing 2 months earlier.  When I saw them this time, I thought, “Wow, they must be pregnant.”  From the looks of things they were due any day now.  I thought that it was kind of strange, since I hadn’t even noticed the pregnancy the last time that we hung out and they never even said anything about it.  The other odd thing was that my friend is a guy.  Well maybe he got fat really fast.  Could happen.

Later on that day he tells me that his stomach is bloated and keeps getting bigger.  He said that he had walking pneumonia the last time that I saw him.  He was on antibiotics for a couple of weeks to get rid of it.  That’s about the time the bloating started.  By the way he lifted up his shirt to show me and he really did look pregnant.  His belly button alone was bigger than a baseball.  I was expecting Alien to jump out.

The first thing that I did was call TMZ to get them to do a story on a pregnant man.  After that I called up a friend of mine that is a biochemist.  Right away he told me that it was yeast growing inside of him.  When he took the antibiotics, they killed the bad bacteria, but they also killed the good bacteria.  Without the good bacteria yeast can flourish.  The gas produced by yeast can cause bloating. If not treated it can cause a lot of other problems, including leaking gut.

Unfortunately, TMZ has no interest in doing a story on a guy who has yeast overgrowth and a baseball sized belly button.

If you are on or have taken antibiotics, it would be wise to make sure that you can build up your good bacteria.

Things to avoid: Sugar, Wheat, Dairy, Alcohol
Things to take:
Probiotics Supplement – Bacillus Coagulans- spore forming lactic acid. This survives the gastric environment more effectively than most other probiotics

Anti-fungal Supplements: Garlic, Oil of oregano, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Undecylenic acid- 200mg  three times daily. Important due to its ability of inhibiting Hyphea (fungus)

Probiotic Foods:
Yogurt that is live-cultured (stay away from those high in high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors)
Miso Soup
Blue-Green Algae
High Quality Dark Chocolate
Raw Cacao – Make your own chocolate
Green Beans
Apples may increase good bacteria

Signs and Causes of yeast overgrowth
Birth Control Pills
Sugar and Bread Cravings
Bloating and Cramps
Vaginal Infections
Itchy Burning Eyes


Why does Turkey make you sleepy?

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.39.42 AM

Because of Tryptophan?  Maybe it’s a huge meal with a lot of carbs.
What is Tryptophan?
It’s an essential Amino Acid (Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein biosynthesis)
Tryptophan also raises Serotonin levels in the brain.  Serotonin does regulate a persons mood.  It helps with memory and learning.  Serotonin also converts into Melatonin, which can help with a deep sleep.
It has been used to treat depression.  Sounds better than the advice from the guy who told me that if I was depressed I should squirt hot butter up my ass ( ).

You can find Tryptophan in other foods including: Chicken, Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp, Halibut, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Asparagus, Eggs.

Does Milk Really Do A Body Good?


I rarely have dairy.  I have always loved it.  Growing up I use to drink more than a gallon of milk a day.  During my junior year in college, I came back from a run and realized that I didn’t feel sick.  That’s weird, normally I feel sick after each of my runs, I’ve even puked on the football practice field during warm ups.  How come today is different?  I feel great!  So the next day I was back to my normal self.  My stomach felt awful and I realized that I have been feeling like this for a long time.  I didn’t even remember when it started.  So what did I do or didn’t do yesterday that was different from any of these other days?  Well I got up and I had my shake and I went for a run.  Hang on.  We were out of milk yesterday.  I used water in my shake.  Don’t tell me that I am lactose intolerant.  

Over the course of the next 3 days I went without milk and noticed a huge difference.  I felt great.  On the 4th day I drank milk and immediately felt awful.  With that figured out I knew what I had to do and I wasn’t very happy about it.  I stopped drinking milk but I did continue with other dairy products but just not as frequently.  Could I really give up Ice Cream, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Pizza?  Nope.  I still would get sick from these things but it was not every day.  

When I went through my transformation I decided to remove almost all dairy because I noticed that when I have any kind of dairy I develop mucus in my throat.  I had tried raw milk and did not develop mucus when I drank it.  Mucus is a sign of inflammation.  When you have inflammation one of the bodies responses is to produce mucus to get rid of it.  So in my case, “Milk Does A Body Mucus”. 

Living A Healthy Lifestyle Is The Fountain Of Youth

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One of the benefits of dropping 40 pounds was that now I look younger.  Instead of being embarrassed about sharing my Before Picture, I now have something that makes me proud.  It’s almost surreal looking back at that before picture.  I love it when people claim that my Before and After pictures are two totally different people.  I almost agree with them.  I don’t even feel like my former self.

I feel 10 years younger and think that I look 10 years younger.  I’m sure that a big part of it is that I guess I must have had a lot of fat in my face, because it is a lot thinner.   But when you live a healthy lifestyle it can make a huge difference with the aging process.

When Oxidation takes place in the body it creates Free Radicals (Damaged Cells).  When metal Oxidizes it turns to rust.  The human body has a similar effect.   Oxidation is part of the aging process and can be sped up by having an unhealthy lifestyle.  Smoking, Alcohol, Stress and other factors will speed Oxidation.  Not only will the body age quicker, but a person can be at an increased risk of heart disease, cancer and other heath related problems.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “Eat blueberries they have Antioxidants in them.”
Ok so what do they do?  Antioxidants prevent and reduce free radicals (damaged cells caused by oxidation).  In comparison if the body were rusting like metal than the body would prevent the body from rusting.  They are in a wide range of foods and each of them do different things.  This is another reason why you want to eat a balanced diet.  (Examples of some Antioxidants: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta-carotene and Selenium)  One of the best sources of antioxidants comes from Blueberries, raspberries and other berries.  They also show up in fruits, vegetables, nuts (almonds, walnuts), Spices (cloves, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, oregano).

I try to add certain things to my nutrition each day that provide antioxidants as well as other benefits.  I probably add cinnamon to 3 or 4 of my meals a day.  I add different types of fruit to my shakes.  I use a lot of black pepper and garlic.

A healthy balanced diet will do a lot more for you than just help you drop weight.

Top 10 Excuses Not To Eat Healthy

The toughest part of my transformation was eating a healthy diet.  I wasn’t successful until I was able to have the self-control that it takes to be stronger than my excuses.   Motivation from my results and being able to enjoy my food helped enforce my self-control.

10) Healthy food doesn’t taste good.  (Maybe you need to experiment more.  It is possible to make a lot of healthy meals taste good.  If you enjoy your food, than you can stick with your healthy nutrition.  Check out the recipes in my blog.)

9) I have kids and we have a lot of junk food around.  (Why do your kids have to eat crap?   Get them into healthy food while they are kids.  They can enjoy their food.  The results will not only keep them healthy but can give them an edge in sports.)

8) I don’t have time to cook most of my meals.  (I make a lot of meals in less than 30 minutes.  I also make enough so that it will last me through several meals.  Plan ahead.)

7) Healthy food is more expensive.  (So is heart surgery.  Eating healthy can save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses from living an unhealthy lifestyle.  You can still budget and cut costs in certain places.)

6) I love (insert surgery snack here) and can’t do without it.  (I use Raw Honey several times a day.  It’s a great sugar replacement.  I also make homemade chocolate and other nutritional snacks that taste like they are bad for you.)

5) If I eat something that I shouldn’t I can burn it off while I workout or run.  (You are better off eating food that works for you than against you.  Eating healthy and working out will keep you in shape.  Before I started my transformation, I was working out and trying to eat healthy.  I made excuses like these and continued to build fat.)

4) I have tried diets but they never work for me.  (Many diets are set up to fail.  If you don’t like the food you won’t stick with it.  If you cut your carbs out, it can cause other issues, such as kidney problems.  It is possible to enjoy your food on a healthy nutrition program.)

3) If it’s in front of me I will eat it.  (Eating healthy is mostly psychological.  You have to control your own mind.  Be stronger than your cravings.)

2) I like to eat out.  (I don’t eat out as much as I did but when I do I ask them to make changes to my meals.  I ask them to use olive oil instead of butter.  I ask them to leave things out of my meal.  Such as no croutons or cheese on a salad.  Most importantly if you have something that is supposed to come out with your meal but don’t think that you should be eating it, ask them to leave it off of the plate or substitute it for something else.

1) I don’t know how to eat healthy.  (Eat 6 meals a day.  Both Protein and Carbs.  Use portion control.  Protein should fit in the palm of your hand.  Carbs should be about the size of your fist.  Vegetables should be about the size of your fist.  Protein includes, eggs, chicken and fish.  I do eat beef but not as often as before.    Carbs include, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal – steel cut oats, quinoa.  Carbs also include fruits and vegetables.  Eat them along with several of your meals.  No processed food.  Nothing that is man-made.  I don’t eat bread or pasta.  There are other people who have diets similar to mine but they do eat both of those things.  Drink 50% of your weight in ounces of water each day.  I eat organic fruits and vegetables.  My protein is free range and grass-fed.)

Check Your PH. What does it mean?








PH (Potential Hydrogen)
Anything below 7 is acidic and anything above is Alkaline
A persons PH should be in the range of 7.35 to 7.45
They should have a slightly Alkaline PH but
Too Acidic or too Alkaline will cause health problems
This starts with oxygen deprivation from the cells
The body fails to absorb nutrients and minerals need for the body
The result: Fatigue, Weakened Immune System, Sickness
A person who has an Alkaline that is above 7.5 could develop problems also

What can you do?
A balanced diet will prevent the body from being in an acidic state.
There are foods in a balanced diet that will make your body acidic and foods that will make it alkaline.
Even though they make you acidic you still need some of them: Meat, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Nuts, Grains, Alcohol, Sugar, Cheese, Coffee, Soda.
Foods that will help you be alkaline: Vegetables (especially leafy greens like spinach), most fruits (including Lemons – Yes they will help make you alkaline), spices, pro-biotics.
Processed foods will also make the body acidic.

Make sure that you eat your fruits and vegetables

Cancer can not live in an Alkaline State, but thrive in an Acidic State

Symptoms of an Acidic PH
Digestive Tract Problems
High Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular Problems
High Blood Sugar
Trouble Focusing and Thinking
Losing Eyesight and Hearing Rapidly
Poor Tooth and Gum Health
Hair, Skin and Nails aging quickly
Poor Circulation
Joint Pain
Fungal Growth
Kidney Stones and Gallstones
Kidney disease
Liver Disease
Bone Disease

Pick up a PH test kit and test your PH level several different times over the next few days.  They should be available at drug stores and nutrition stores.

Nutritional Guidelines That I Followed During My Transformation

The most important thing about my transformation was and still is mostly psychological.  It is all about controlling my own mind.  I have to make choices and they include not eating processed foods, sugar, drinking alcohol.  It also means that I  will make sure that I eat 6 healthy meals a day.

More Self Control.  Know when to say when.
Portion control is something that people have a great deal of trouble with and I was no exception.  When people eat out the portions are typically huge.  An easy way to figure out a good portion is to look at the palm of your open hand and that is what your protein portion should be.  Your fist would be your carbs and for vegetables that would also be your fist.

I don’t really like to refer to what I eat as a diet, because I believe that the word diet comes with a negative connotation.  People try diets.  People do diets for a set amount of time and in some cases an undefined period of time.  Low carb no carb, grapefruit, 30 day diet.  These are diets that you can’t stick with.  I guess you get on them and lose some weight and go back to your old ways.  You are setting yourself up to fail.  Planning is a great idea, however, I don’t like to plan to fail.  If it happens, I’ll learn from it but I don’t want it predetermined.  In 1998 when I did the Body for Life and got my body fat into the single digits, I was on a diet that I couldn’t stick with. It was pretty much a bodybuilder diet.  All of my food was bland.  If I wanted to get crazy and spice things up, than I would put spicy mustard on my bland chicken.  In some cases I would also cut my carbs.  You do cut fat, but you also burn muscle and you feel like crap.  I stuck with it for a long time. Eventually, I failed.

My new program had to include a nutrition plan that I could stick with for life.  I had to enjoy my food.  Based on my past history this would have been impossible.  I didn’t think that I could find something that was good for you that also tastes good on a daily basis.  I learned enough from the turkey baster diet to start looking into organic vegetables and fruits and free range chicken and eggs and grass feed beef.  Plus seafood.  First of all this way of eating tastes so much better than the crap I was buying prior to my transportation.  I already knew that processed foods were not good but still had to have the self control to avoid those foods.  I got rid of all of the food that I no longer allowed my self to eat.  I cleaned out my cabinets and it all went to a food drive.   Instead of getting sauce out of a bottle or can, I started to make my own with organic tomatoes and other organic vegetables.

The following are the guidelines that I set up for my transformation and that I continue to follow:

It provides more of a view of what to eat and what not to eat. I did make changes throughout my transformation but most of it was early on.  I still make changes occasionally.   I started screwing around with a different diet and dropped it close to the start of the program because I looked at it and realized that I could not do it for life.  I didn’t think that I could do it for another day.  Oh, I guess I couldn’t.  The nutrition program that I ended up following is awesome.  The food is great and I can do it for life. I don’t feel like I need a cheat meal and I am not anxious. I have been ripped before and ate bland food and it doesn’t work as a life style. You always want to cheat. There are lots of options with the way that I eat.

When I finished the first 12 weeks I had started to pay attention to calories for the next 4 weeks, in order to see how many calories I was eating. They ranged between 2500 and 3000.  I eat protein and carbs with every meal and I have 6 meals a day. Protein intake is close to my body weight in grams. I am estimating that I eat around 200 or more grams of protein a day.  Typically, my carbs in my first two meals come from Oatmeal. It ranges between 1/2 a cup and a full cup.  Oatmeal takes a long time to break down and it is low on the glycemic index. The other meals are usually sweet potatoes which break down quickly. Sometimes I replace them with brown rice or quinoa. Carbohydrates are fuel.  These foods will provide you with energy and will help you build and retain muscle.  They also possess many other benefits.  I actually use them in several different recipes.

Vegetables – I eat organic vegetables – for the most part I stick with spinach and asparagus, sweet potato and occasional will add other vegetables to food that I make.  There are plenty of choices.
Fruits – Go with organic here also – tomato, avocado, grapefruit, bananas.  I add a number of other fruits to my diet as well.  Tons of choices here also.
Grains: I stay away from grains with the of exception of oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice.
Nuts: They are high in fat and carbs, however they are very nutritious and should be a part of your diet.  Just don’t overdue it.   I probably eat almonds more than any other type of nut. And I do eat peanut butter or almond butter every once in a while.
Protein – I stick with food that doesn’t have hormones or other crap in it. Grass Feed Beef, Bison, Seafood (usually fish), Free Range Chicken and Eggs

The way I define processed is anything man made.  This includes bread and pasta.  Both of which I love.  When people talk about carb loading the day before an event, I don’t consider pasta.  I eat, extra sweet potatoes and oatmeal.

I eat RAW honey and cinnamon 2 to 4 times a day.  Both of these are very beneficial.  If you are going to try it out make sure that you get RAW Honey.  In order for your body to digest it easily it has to be RAW.  Processed honey will cause your blood sugar to spike.

I replaced table salt with Sea Salt because table salt has a negative effect on your body and Sea Salt provides electrolytes and minerals for your body.  It contains some great health benefits.

I take supplements which includes a good protein powder every day.  If I want additional carbs with my protein shake, sometimes I will add half of a baked sweet potato to it.  One way to see if you are taking a good protein powder is to check the label and see how high Cholesterol is on the product.  Good protein will be low in Cholesterol.  Typically it is going to be more expensive.

I also add Metamucil or Psyllium Husks to my regular diet.  It adds needed fiber to your diet and has many benefits including reducing cholesterol.

This is my sample diet on a typical day

I add things to my diet which will help burn fat, lower cholesterol, provide energy, lower blood sugar and other things that play a role in being healthy.  If you take a look at any of the recipes that I put in my blog, you will notice that I put the benefits of the ingredients at the end of the recipe.

Wake up
Make a shake with 3 raw eggs, 1/2 a cup to 1 cup of oatmeal, raw honey, cinnamon  sometimes add protein powder sometimes add a banana or other fruit – add a couple ice cubes

Run within one hour

1 hour after run
3 egg omelet with tomatoes, onions, garlic, hot peppers

cup of oatmeal with honey and cinnamon and a grapefruit

Oatmeal Pancakes

3 hours later
Almond Coconut Honey Chicken
Tropical Sweet Potato 


Prior to workout
Protein Shake with half a sweet potato blended into it

Post workout
I take a recovery product that has carbs and sugar immediately after workout (I stay away from sugar other then post workout)
Protein Shake within 15 minutes of my workout ending

1 hour later
Seared Tuna with Mango and Ginger

3 hours later
Protein Shake

I usually get my carbs from vegetables at night.

Water is an important for health and it will also help fill you up.  Drink 50% of your weight in ounces of water,  plus 16 ounces for each pound that you lose working out.  I try not to drink water 30 minutes before or after I eat.  It can interfere with digestion.

I allow for one cheat meal a week.  However, it usually ends up being once every two weeks.
It could be pizza, pasta, pf changs, a steakhouse where I eat bread, ice cream or something out of the ordinary for me.  It never seems as good as i use to think that it was.  Still tastes good but i eat so many other good things that are good for you.  To tell you the truth I have felt terrible the day following a cheat meal several times.  My body isn’t use to some of the things that I rarely eat and it reacts in a negative way.

Self Control and Will Power are crucial for your diet.  I still go to dinner with friends and I am very careful when ordering out.  There are plenty of temptations when you go, from bread to alcohol.  You have to be strong enough to control your mind.  Also, if you don’t plan on eating something that comes with your meal it is always better to have it removed from your plate before it is brought out.  Remove the temptation.  Plus it’s a waste of food.

Funny thing is that people think that when they are trying to lose weight, they can’t enjoy their food.  That is exactly what I thought because that was my past experience.  Not only are my regular meals good but I eat several things that make me feel like I am cheating, including the Oatmeal Pancakes.  If you love chocolate checkout the recipe in my blog for Coconut Flavored Chocolate.

Planning is another important aspect of the nutrition program.  I wrote down everything that I planned to eat and followed up with what I actually ate during every meal, every day.  I got into such a routine, even though my meals varied that after about week 8 or 9 I stopped writing anything down.

Enjoy your food and make it work for you not against you.  Take advantage of the healthy benefits that these foods provide.  Learn to S.W.I.M. to improve your life.

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