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Set Backs Don’t Mean That You Have to Make a Bad Decision

I was suppose to be doing the Spartan Beast Race in Vermont today.   Plans changed when I took a spill on 40” box jumps last Saturday.  What I originally thought was a little scrap, actually was (as the doctor described) fillet to the muscle.   When I saw how deep it was, my first thought was, “How am I going to take care of it so that I can do the race.”  Crazy glue was my first great idea  (no I didn’t do it yet).

A few hours later, I was showing it to a friend of mine.  I was able to move my skin like a sleeve.  I flexed my toes and the muscle would move and the skin would stay in place.  Wow, that’s kind of cool, but it might be a bigger problem than I thought it was.   So I made the decision to go to the doctor.  Probably one of my better ideas.  When the doctor saw it he said, “Oh my God that looks terrible.”  I started to laugh.  I said, “You’re a doctor, you see stuff like this all the time.”  He said, “I’ve only seen one other that bad and the guy was in a motorcycle wreck.”  Personally, I’ve seen worse stuff, so I’m a little confused.  Personally, I think it sounded much worse than it was.  That is until the doctor told me that I can’t run in the Spartan, because if I do than I will probably end up with a staph infection.  I have known people who had that and I definitely don’t want it.  I guess I will have to overcome my own stupidity and listen to the doctor instead.  In the past I have blown off doctors advice when it came to injuries and participating in sports.  Torn cartilage, messed up back, torn ligaments, and a number of things that I never told anyone about (that I would have been advised to pass up).  I honestly have no regrets about continuing to compete.  I didn’t end up in a worse situation and I overcame the pain.  This time it’s different.  I’ll do a different race.  I’m disappointed but I have to move on.

I was supposed to be meeting up with my brother David who had also planned on doing the race.  I still decided to come out here to support him.  The closer it gets to race time the more bummed out I get.  It’s a good thing that I didn’t bring any of my gear, because there is a good chance that I would convince myself that I would be fine doing the race.

Part 2 of this story is listening to my friends talk about how, I can’t jump and that I am uncoordinated and that it looked funny when I slammed into the box.  I already know all of these things so they aren’t telling me anything new.  So, I will get even with them by kicking their asses in our workouts, which won’t include box jumps.


With My LUCK….

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I have never accomplished something and said, “I am so Lucky.”  There were points in my past that I did say, “with my luck…”.  Most people don’t end the saying, “with my luck..” with something negative.  Are you setting yourself up for failure?  Are you expecting things not to workout?  Negative thoughts will lead to a negative outcome.  Bad things will happen to you at some point and you will probably fail somewhere down the line.  I can’t control some of the bad and if I do, than I can learn from my mistakes or I was to stupid not to avoid the situation.  I rather fail because I am challenging myself.  I can overcome failure.  I have the attitude that I need to accomplish my goals.  I’m not reaching them to luck.  As far as, I am concerned I don’t have any luck and I don’t need it.  Life is about taking risks and challenging yourself and having the courage  to do it.  Prepare yourself and don’t leave things to Luck unless you are playing a slot machine.  Life would be pretty boring and pretty stressful if left to luck.  I would bet that leading your life by luck, would have 50 to 1 odds of being successful.   

Failure Can Bring About Success: If You Are Willing To Make The Promise

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