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“The MOUTH” If you can Talk the Talk, you better be able to Walk the Walk.

I was visiting my parents in Maryland and had to find a gym for my workout.  I show up and it’s pretty crowded, mostly with high school and college kids.  While I was working out there was this pretty big kid running his mouth the whole time.  He was telling anyone who would listen how bad his high school football team was and that he didn’t want to play for a team of losers.  Not long after that he moved on to telling another kid how pitiful his workout was and that his sister could lift more weight than he could.  The other kid had decent size and was built pretty good.  He kept his mouth shut and kept working out.  “The MOUTH” went on for about an hour.

I finally decided to shut this guy up.  I walked over to him while he was berating the other kid about what a Wus he was.  There were probably about 10 other guys in the area and all of them are listening to “The MOUTH”.
Me: “Hey, I’ll bet you 100 bucks that he out benches you, right now.” and I pointed to the other kid.  The other kid just about turns pale white as his jaw drops.   “The MOUTH” just stared at me.
“The MOUTH”: “but I don’t have any money on me.”
Me: “That’s ok.  I’ll just give you 100 bucks if you can out bench him.  When he beats you, you won’t owe a thing.”
For the first time all day “The MOUTH” is quiet.  I just called this kid out and he had no other option.  The other kid was dragged into a situation that he didn’t expect and from the looks of him, a situation that he didn’t want to be in.  I knew, that as bad as he didn’t want to be in that situation, “The MOUTH” didn’t want to be in it even more.

We set the bar for 225 and each of them reps it out one time.  We increased the weight to 255 and each of them does it for one rep.  Next we added another 20 taking it to 275.  The other kid goes first and easily pushes it up.  From the looks of things, I’m thinking that he can probably max out between 300 and 325.  But I knew that this wasn’t going to matter.  “The Mouth” gets down on the bench and takes his lift off.  He lowers the weight, hits his chest and struggles to push it up a whole 2 inches before it settles back into his chest.  I let it lay on his chest for a little while, just so that this moment would sink in and stand out in his mind.

When it was over,  I told the other kid great job and went back to my workout.  After I wrapped things up and was getting ready to the leave gym the other kid comes up to me.
Other Kid: “How did you know that I could lift more than him?”
Me: “I’ve known people like that my entire life.  All they do is run their mouths and they can never back it up.  All talk and no action.”
Other kid: “Thank you for calling him out.  He has been giving me crap every day for the last couple of months.”
Me: “Have CONFIDENCE in yourself.  You have nothing to lose.”

I have a feeling that “The MOUTH”, never said another word to the other kid.  He probably never set foot in that gym again.  If someone is going to talk that much crap, challenge them.  What do you have to lose?  Shutting someone up like that is something that you will never forget and neither will they.  I knew exactly, who “The MOUTH” really was almost as soon as I walked into that gym and now everyone else who was in there knows who he really is.    


Keep Your Goals in Site

trail run

Why is it that when I ran yesterday, I stopped about 5 times?  When I did the same thing today, I blew through it and didn’t stop one time.  Over the last two days I went to Busch Wildlife in Defiance, MO and ran the same trail each time.  I usually look for trails that are off of the main trails and have little or no traffic.  The trail that I ran was mostly steep hills with a lot of high grass and brush.

After wrapping up my run yesterday I was pretty disappointed in myself.  I’ve got a 13 mile Spartan Race (Beast) coming up in about a month in Vermont.  It’s going to have plenty of hills and I need to be training on hills for it.  I was just in Vermont running Hills, a couple of weeks ago.  I felt great running them.  Yesterday, I sucked ass.  I wasn’t tired I just didn’t want it bad enough.

I had planned on running the hills out there both days and was pissed at myself most of the day yesterday for not pushing myself.  I went to bed late last night and woke up late this morning.  I was contemplating blowing off my run later in the week.  For whatever reason, I decided to head back out to Busch Wildlife.  I realized that I wasn’t really focusing on my goals or my upcoming races.  I was going through the motions and that was it.  I didn’t really feel like I had anything to run for, not even myself.

I didn’t get to where I am by taking the easy way out.  I didn’t always have someone to push me.  I don’t care where you are in life, if you give yourself the chance to slip you better realize it and pick yourself up and go after what you want.  I did just that, as soon as I started my run.  First I got pissed at myself for letting myself down yesterday.  Second, I thought about what I would be going through on the 21st in The Spartan Beast.

Not only did I finish the same run without stopping but I ran and extra hill at the end.  Don’t let your mind slow you down or hold you back.  Make it push you forward and keep you going.  Focus on your goals.  

Don’t Expect to Be Given Anything. Stand Up and Take it!

When we were training at the gym today, we had a conversation about a college player that was pissed off because he said the team was “screwing him”.  What was the problem?  They brought in another kid that was a “beast” at the same position.
I don’t consider that getting screwed over.  Your team is trying to get better.  If you want to be the starter, stand up and take it.  If you ball hard enough and the other kid who is going after the same position is still better than you, there are always other positions out there.  That other kid and his ability better give you the motivation to take that job.  There are cases where players get a job because of favoritism.  In the NFL it can happen because they have money invested in one player but not another.  It’s hard to admit that you made a mistake when you invest big dollars into someone.  But this kid told us himself that they brought in a solid player.  The team is trying to get better and you should want to do that for yourself.
If you are already the starter it’s your job to keep not your job to lose.  There is always someone out there that wants to take it from you.  It’s the same thing in the real world.  Earn it, take it, get after it.  

Salmon and Artichoke Hearts


3 Salmon Filets
2 Artichokes
1/2 Pint Cherry Tomatoes
1/2 Red Onion
1 Lemon
2 Frozen Lemon
3 Garlic Cloves
2 Tablespoons Capers
Pepper to taste
Sea Salt to taste
1 Bay Leaf
3 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Steam Artichokes with one Garlic Clove, 1/4 of a lemon and 1 bay leaf
Remove petals and scrap fuzzy stuff.  Cut up artichoke heart into small pieces

Put Frying pan over low flame
Add Olive Oil
Cut up Onion, Tomatoes, Garlic
Add Onions, Tomatoes, Garlic and Artichoke to Pan
Add Salmon Filets to Pan
Squeeze Lemon over Pan
Lightly Grate Frozen Lemon including peel over Salmon.
Add Capers
Add Sea Salt and Pepper
Stir frequently
Cook Salmon for about 5 minutes and flip over for 5 minutes.  Make sure that fish is cooked through

Health Benefits

High in Protein (Builds and repairs Muscle)
High in Omega 3s
Anti-Inflammatory (great for muscle recovery and joint pain)
Increases Cognitive Function
Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s
Fights Cancer
Decreases risk of stroke and heart attack
Good for the Skin

High in Antioxidants
Helps digestive System
Great for gallbladder and liver
Reduce Risk of Cancer
High in Fiber
Lowers Cholesterol

Red Onions
Contains Antioxidants
Fights Cancer
Fights Free Radicals
Fights Colds
Reduces High Blood Pressure
Low Glycemic – Suppresses Blood Sugar Spikes

Contains antioxidants
Fights Cancer (prostate, cervical, stomach, rectum, breast and mouth)
Lowers Cholesterol
Helps keep digestive system healthy
Detoxify body
Alleviates Type 2 Diabetes
Good for Healthy skin, hair, nails, teeth and bones
Fights urinary tract infections and bladder cancer
Prevents Gallstones

Garlic Cloves
Contains Antioxidants
Attacks free radicals
Fights Colds and Flu
Lowers Cholesterol
Acts as a natural antibiotic (bacteria doesn’t grow resistant to it)

Contains Antioxidants
Strengthen Capillaries
Great for Circulation
Lowers Cholesterol
High in Vitamins and Minerals

Helps the body become Alkaline by increasing PH
High in Vitamin C
Strengthens Blood Vessels
Great for the Heart
Good for Teeth and Bones
*Lemon Juice can destroy tooth enamel.  Dilute with water or something else.
Helps rid the body of kidney stones and other kidney and bladder problems

Black Pepper
Contains Antioxidants
Anti-Inflammatory and Antibacterial.
Great for the digestive Tract.
Reduces Gas in the intestines.
Speeds up metabolism.
Supports weight loss.
Fights fat by breaking down the fat cells.
Relief from respiratory problems

Sea Salt
Alkalizes the Body
Contains Minerals
Good for the Cardiovascular System
Good for the Brain
Good for the Skin
Important for Hydration
Boosts Immune System
Helps maintain Sugar Levels (good for Diabetes)
Prevents Osteoporosis
Prevents Muscle Cramps and Spasms
Reduces Cholesterol
Reduces Inflammation in respiratory system (Good for Asthma)

Olive Oil
Contains Antioxidants
Contains probiotics
Improves Blood Vessel Function
Boosts the immune system
Fights Cancer
Fights Heart Disease
Regulates Blood Pressure
Fights Diabetes
May help fight Obesity
Fights Arthritis
Fights os

Bay Leaves
Contains antioxidants.
May fight cancer.
Aids in Digestion.
Good for the nervous system.
Good for Cardiovascular system

Homemade Snickers


Better than the REAL THING, because it’s made with real food.

Snickers Nougat
1 cup cashews
1 cup almonds
3 TBS raw honey
1/3 tsp sea salt
2 TBS water

1 cup dates
3 TBS raw honey
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 TBS coconut oil
1/3 tps sea salt


1/2 Cup Raw Cacao Powder
1/2 Cup Raw Honey
1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

Soak dates in water and lemon juice for 1 hour or more.  Save the water once drained.

Nougat:  Blend cashews and almonds into a powder.  Add to mixing bowl
Add honey, sea salt and water.  Mix into past.  Make into small bite size pieces place in pan and put in freezer

Caramel:  Blend dates, coconut oil, raw honey and sea salt.  Add 2 TBS of soaking water
Spread Caramel on Nougat and return to freezer

Add Raw Cacao, Raw Honey, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Extract to bowl and mix.
Pour chocolate over nougat and caramel and return to freezer for at least 20 minutes.

Health Benefits:

May promote cardiovascular health (may decrease triglycerides)
High Antioxidants
Great for skin, hair, nails, bones, tissue
May lower risk of Gallstones

Good for brain development (great for kids)
Helps in preventing colon cancer by moving food through the colon
Helps reduce the cause of plaque buildup in the arteries of the heart
Regulates Blood Pressure
Regulates Cholesterol
Helps fight diabetes.  Keeps Blood sugar down
Rich in fiber
Boosts Energy
(Drink a lot of water with almonds)

High in Fiber.
Prevents absorption of LDL Cholesterol.
Protects colon.
Good for vision.
Fights cancer and Cardiovascular disease.
High in Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Copper and Magnesium.  Also contains B6

Sea Salt
Alkalizes the Body
Contains Minerals
Good for the Cardiovascular System
Good for the Brain
Good for the Skin
Important for Hydration
Boosts Immune System
Helps maintain Sugar Levels (good for Diabetes)
Prevents Osteoporosis
Prevents Muscle Cramps and Spasms
Reduces Cholesterol
Reduces Inflammation in respiratory system (Good for Asthma)

Coconut Oil:
New research claiming that it has been helping Alzheimer’s patients improve and even reverse effects.
Positive results for people affected with Type 1 and 2 diabetes.
Increases thyroid health by raising body temperature.
It increases metabolism (increases body temp)
Increases energy
Coconut oil on the body can promote healthy skin and hair.

Helps the body become Alkaline by increasing PH
High in Vitamin C
Strengthens Blood Vessels
Great for the Heart
Good for Teeth and Bones
*Lemon Juice can destroy tooth enamel.  Dilute with water or something else.
Helps rid the body of kidney stones and other kidney and bladder problems

Raw Honey:
Increases natural energy
Used in treating allergies
Treats colds and sore throats (it coats the throat and reduces irritation)
Used as an acne treatment

Raw Cacao (Chocolate)
Known as a Super-Food
Claims to reduce cataracts, improve heart function and alleviate stress
High in antioxidant flavonoids
Claims to reduce free radicals in the body and in turn reducing risk of cancer
Vanilla Extract
The scent helps reduce stress

Vanilla Extract
Antioxidant Properties
May fight Cancer
Boost Metabolism
Reduces Anxiety
May fight infections and fever in children
Reduces Nausea

Quitting is Easy. Willpower and Heart will take you further.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 11.18.49 PMTaking applications for a new training partner. After losing my Training Partner Chase Reynolds to the St. Louis Rams.
I trained with two college football players today. I like to put guys like this through a program that is going to get them to push their limits. Same thing that I did with Chase for the last 5 weeks. And the same thing that I have done for myself for the last 9 months. The guys at Xtreme Speed were more than happy to push my limits. Actually, they still do it whenever I get the chance to go to Plainfield, IL.
We were more than half way through our workout and I pushed one hard enough, so that he stopped right before his third set of Ball Walks. “No more, I can’t.” I don’t mind making someone think that they have to quit. This is the point that they are going to prove to themselves that they do have it in them to push their limits. They have to make a choice and quitting is an “EASY CHOICE”.
I responded, with, “You quit? You’re done? So, if you’re tired during a game or struggling, then you are going to just stop playing? You’re going come off of the field and let your team down? How bad do you want it? If you quit now can you live with that decision?” I picked up another ball (I was already done) put it next to his and said, “lets go.” This was probably his best set. He finished it and finished the rest of the workout.
The next challenge that he will face is if he comes back. Either way I feel good knowing that I was able to help him move passed his limits.  He just needs to S.W.I.M. (Self-Control, Willpower, Inspiration, Motivation).  It wouldn’t make me feel so good pushing someone to quit.  But it does make me feel good, being able to help someone unquit (yea I know that it isn’t a word in Webster’s).

Actually, for me quitting is hard.  I have way too much heart and willpower not to succeed.

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