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Getting Prepared For Your Transformation

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I wasn’t going on a diet, I was going to start living a healthy lifestyle.  I needed to prepare for this so that I had set goals.  I had motivation to reach them and that I had a plan to get me there.  Be prepared.
Before you EVOLVE, you must Learn to S.W.I.M.™

Set your Goals and write them down.  Post them somewhere that you can see them everyday.

Write down your weight

Write down your measurements (waist, neck, arms, legs, chest)

Write down your body fat

Take BEFORE Pics

Plan your healthy lifestyle (nutrition and training)

I also wrote down everything that I planned to eat.  I would write down next to it what I actually did eat.  (It is ok to switch something healthy for something else healthy).  I did this for the first 7 weeks.  At that point I realized that I wasn’t going to cheat and that my nutrition plan was working for me.

Make sure that you can enjoy your food.  Be Accountable.

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