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Who Is Your Biggest Influence?

I knew this guy that had a great deal of influence over me.  Whenever, I wanted to get out of doing something all that I had to do was listen to him.  We would go out of town and he would convince me that I should stuff my face with all kinds of food that I knew was going to have a negative affect on me and my body.  I would tell him that I can’t eat like that and he would say, “man you can work it off at the gym tomorrow.”  Next thing you know, he would drag my ass out all night to a couple of different bars and we would get loaded.  I’m not against drinking at all.  I still do it once in a while.  I just don’t have this guy around to convince me that I should do it a couple of nights a week or every night that I am on the road.  For me to reach my goals I do have to keep drinking to a minimum.  This is the same guy that has told me in the past to give up and to quit.  When I started doing mud runs and obstacle races he said to me, “why do you want to do this stuff?  You already workout.  You don’t need to run through the mud and over obstacles trying to kill yourself.  Your days of playing sports are over.  You’re closer to being an old man than a kid.”

If you listen to someone like this long enough, than it makes the excuses easier.  But why do you want someone who is always negative in your life?  I’ve had other people tell me not to do something or tell me that I wouldn’t be able to do something before.  I usually never listened to those people.  In some cases I removed those people from my life.  But with this guy it was different.  For whatever reason I let him control me.  I couldn’t remove him from my life.  I wasn’t strong enough to make the right decisions.  I couldn’t help but listen to him.

I realized that he was my misery and misery loves company.  I made the decision to remove him from my life and the funny thing is that not only is my life better for it but even other people see me in a different light.  I rather listen to someone who is SUCCESSFUL.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.50.10 PM

In case you are wondering who would let someone control their life that way.  Here is his picture.  Seriously, this is the guy that I let control my life.  Now I scratch my head and wonder why I let that happen.  I was the one who was holding me back.

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