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Remove Your Limits! And More Importantly, Don’t Let Someone Else Set Limits For You.

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harbor and kohl at xtreme

First things first.  If someone says that you can’t do something or tries to crush your goals or your dreams.  How would you respond?  Would you listen to them?  Would you forget about that goal or dream?  Would you ignore them?  Or would you listen to them and use it to Motivate you?  The person that you are doing it for is yourself.  But there is always satisfaction in showing someone who doubts you that they were wrong.  It’s also nice to hear from people who do support you once you achieve your goals.  For me, I didn’t really share my goals.  I did tell a few people about it, but for most people that I hadn’t seen for a while my transformation was out of the Blue.  However, I did obviously document it and I did write down my goals and I also registered with Bill Phillips Transformation Challenge.  I set my plan and I committed to it.

Now that I have gone through my own transformation, I have a lot of people in my corner.  I have a lot of people who are supportive and say encouraging things when I share my plans.  But I am also in a lot of other peoples corners.  Having gone through it myself and by realizing that it is mostly mental, I know that many others can make their own successful transformation.  I know that you can reach your own goals.  You have to be honest with yourself.  You have to convince yourself.  And you have to prove it to yourself.  I hope that I can encourage others to set their goals and to reach them.  I hope that the information that I provide will make it easier for them.

When you make the decision that you can not do something than you are putting a limit on yourself.  Or if you try something one time and have trouble with it and never do it again you are putting limits on yourself.  If you continue at the same pace than you are setting a limit.  Do you give it 100% or 110%?  If I give it 100% than I am reaching my limit.  That is 100%.  That is what I am able to do.    I am not trying to exceed it.  110% means that I am pushing myself further and harder than my body allows.  If you see it psychologically but aren’t quite there physically than you can get your body to catch up.  It might take time but if you stick with it than you can achieve it.

I have a philosophy: Train with people who are where you want to be or train with people who are trying to get to the same place that you want to be.  This obviously works outside of fitness as well.  These people will help you remove your limits. They will help you train at 110%.   After my transformation, I went to a friend of mine’s training facility in Plainfield, IL called Xtreme Speed.  I trained there for 10 weeks with a number of other people.  (By the way I work for myself and can work from anywhere).  These guys train a wide range of people including professional and college athletes.  Their training style is very intense and it takes a lot of muscle endurance to get through it.  Basically, for the first several weeks I felt like I was getting a beat down every training day.  I would actually reach complete muscle failure.  I got to the point that I couldn’t do another rep and would have one of the other guys in my ear giving me crap for not being able to get through it.  The longer that I went through these sessions the more muscle endurance that I built up.  I  still get beat down during the training sessions, but my gains increase after each one.  I have gone a lot further and gotten my body in even better physical shape.  When I trained at Emerge Fitness during my transformation.  I was training at 110%.  In that case I had a great atmosphere and a trainer that pushed me.    Both training facilities are all about training.  For me I like the challenge of trying different things.

People are capable of much more than they think.  The body is a tool and your mind will usually give up before your body.  However, if you can see it in you mind.  If you realize that you can succeed than you can push yourself that much harder.  The harder you push it, the higher level of fitness you can reach.  Your gains will come from that extra 10%.  They will come when you have no limits.


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