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Tribute To Marsha: Fight Heart Disease and Strokes Through Nutrition and Excercise

Yesterday I had a very good friend die from a stroke.  Marsha App had just turned 67 the other day.  That’s 3 people who have died within the last year that I was close too.  Two of the three died from cardiovascular complications.  I also came very close to losing my father from a massive heart attack.  Fortunately, he survived and is doing very well.

My transformation has done much more for me than just change my body.  It has changed me.  I have learned more this year than any other.  I have become more open-minded. I have discovered that I can do much more than I ever thought possible at my age.  These things and many others have become possible for me because, I have been able to take control of my own mind.  For me it breaks down to being able to S.W.I.M. (Self Control, Will Power, Inspiration and Motivation).  The one thing that I can’t control is what happens around mean.  I can’t control the death of someone who I care about or someone who is close to someone who I care about.  .

What I can do is continue to write my blog and hopefully change the lives of people who I care about and even people who I don’t know.  You can improve your health and even your active lifestyle.  You can be there for your family.  You can be active with your kids.  They can be your motivation to live a longer happier life.

Marsha did live a very happy life.  She always thought about others first and left behind a son, a daughter and a grandson and many friends who will have some great memories of her.  I will miss talking with her and going out to dinner with her.  She always made me smile.

Fight Stroke and Heart Disease by eating healthy and with exercise.   Take control of your life and learn to S.W.I.M.


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