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Training: It doesn’t take as much time as making up the excuse not to do it.

During my transformation I did cardio between 5 and 7 days a week.  Part of the reason that I ran so much was that my dogs Bailey and Riley are my running partners and they pretty much demanded that we went almost every day.  It was also their job to motivate me to run every morning.  I would not say that I am big on running, however, I do love to run outside instead of on a treadmill.  I would rather have some scenery instead of a TV or something else indoors.  My normal running route is through my neighborhood and out to a cornfield surrounded by woods.  The dogs love it because it gives them the opportunity to chase deer, rabbits and other wildlife on a daily basis.  In some cases the wildlife were chasing them.
As far as my workouts went, I did hire Matt McCarthy from Emerge Fitness to help me achieve my goals.  I decided that I wanted to get an outside perspective and wanted to train in a new atmosphere.  Somewhere, where it was all about training.  Listening to someone else was kind of tough for the first couple of weeks because every day I wanted to open my mouth and say let’s do this instead, I realized that I was paying him to put my program together, not to listen to me tell him what I thought I needed. I never said a word.  After working out so long on my own, I must have been getting lazy and was blowing off certain exercises that I should have been doing because I didn’t like them or was having a problem with them. Now I had to do them. I was also cheating myself on certain exercises by using bad form to get through the exercise. On top of that there was the positive reinforcement from the motivational aspect of having someone work with you.  My workouts changed frequently but all of them were High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
I can honestly tell you that I spent less time on my workouts and cardio during my transformation than prior to it.  I currently spend more time around my training.  What I mean by this is that not only do I enjoy it but people have told me that I have been making an impact on their lives by providing them with information involving training and nutrition.  It took me less than 46 years, but I have found my true purpose.

The following is program that I have used and have found very effective.  It is perfect for the person who says that they don’t have time to workout.  It also fits in with the type of training that I do with both weights and cardio which is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  This type of training is very intense (figured that I would point the word intense out.   It’s not like the word is in the name of the method), high reps, low rest, sprints and walks.  HIIT is awesome for conditioning. It helps speed up recovery and burns fat more efficiently.

Bill Phillips created this specific program for Transformation :  5:25   (that’s 5 sets 25 minutes)  I would personally recommend doing at least 3 days of each a week.  Days 1, 3, 5 would be weights (Upper Body on days 1 and 5 and Lower Body on Day 3) and Days 2, 4, 6 would be cardio.

Cardio (Spin, Run, or Bike) 5 Sets
Slower pace for 2 minutes Jog for 2 minutes Sprint for 1 minute (repeat 5 times)
If you are on a bike or do spinning start with low resistance (6-10), increase (10-14) and increase again (14 or higher).
Make sure that you increase your speed each time as well.
During the sprint you want your heart rate up there
140 to 160.  Don’t go higher than 160
Take a pulse when you end the run and then throughout the walk.  You will recover during the walk.  Your heart rate should end up going down below or around 120 during recovery.

Weights (Change your exercises up in future workouts)
You will do a complete circuit before resting.
10 reps per exercise and 1 exercise per body part
5 sets with a 2 minute rest between sets.

Upper Body

Chest  (Dumbbell Press)
Shoulders (Shoulder Press)
Back  (Lat Pull Downs)
Biceps (Preacher Curls)
Triceps (Kickbacks)
Repeat 4 more times

Lower Body (5 exercises, mix in quads and hamstrings and something for Calf)

(Stiff Leg Deadlift)
(Step ups)
(Calf Raises)

Not the Right Diet for Me. But a Great Story:


During the beginning of my transformation I had started a particular diet.  I had been trying it out for several weeks and almost every time that I ate, I felt like I was suffering.  There were some exceptions. Some of the food I really  enjoyed.  There were some other positives because I started to eat organic fruits and vegetables and grass-fed beef and free range chicken and eggs.  The problem with it was the way that they were prepared.  I figured that if I suffered long enough then I could get down to my goal weight and go back to another diet (probably the same thing that I was already doing, which would eventually bring me back to 240).
I found out that the guy who created this diet was coming to St. Louis and would evaluate me and give me a more specialized diet.  I agreed and was hoping that he was going to tell me that if I did this diet for 3 months I would be ripped and could stop eating something that made me wish I had no taste buds.  

The founder of the diet comes into town and when I met him, he looked into my iris and would say things like, “Hmmm”, “Ohhh”, “Ahhhh”, “Ewwww”, “Holy Shit”.   I guess that can’t be all that good.  I felt like I was seeing a fortune-teller and come to think of it he did look at my palms.  I think I got a “enhh”.   He then went on to tell me, “You have toxins throughout your body.  It’s a good thing that you are a fat guy, because your fat is holding the toxins in.  If they get released you will become very sick.”  Well that wasn’t something that I wanted to hear.  Sick or not, I’m getting ripped up.  “Oh and you have a tumor in your lung”.  “This diet that I will give you will clean out all of the toxins in your body”.  Ok great, now I can do this diet until the toxins are gone and then get ripped.  “Now what I want you to do is eat a tiny piece of raw unsalted cheese every 5 minutes of the day.  You can carry it in a little pouch.”  Did he just tell me to eat a little tiny piece of cheese 5 minutes of the day all day long?  Do I have whiskers and a pointy nose?  If I do this am I going to be eaten alive by Garfield?  What the hell. That won’t make me lose the weight that I want to lose and get me ripped.  I don’t know about this diet.  “You see there are certain things that need to be done to have an effect on your body.  For instance…if you are depressed it is because your e. coli are lacking in fats.  You need to get fats to your e. coli.”  I’m wondering where he is going with this. I know what e. coli are and this isn’t making too much sense to me.  “So you need to do this by inserting fats in your rectum.”  I’m sitting there in shock, this isn’t what I signed up for.  This dude wants me to stick a F***ing T-Bone up my ass.  Are you serious?  A steak. There is no way that I am doing that.  After this I don’t even know if I want to eat a steak again.  He goes on, “So you would do this by taking some raw unsalted butter and naturally heating it to 105 degrees.”  I don’t understand.  What is natural about that?  Is it something that I was already supposed to know?  Were my parent suppose to tell me when I was a little kid that I was supposed to heat raw unsalted butter to 105 degrees for a reason that I was about to find out, but I already knew what was coming?  Was it instinct?  I think it’s instinct that dogs lick their ass, so maybe it’s instinct that I heat butter to 105 to stick up mine.  At least it’s not a steak.  “And then you take a turkey baster…” Wow, this is really interesting.  So interesting that I was already done with this diet when he got to heating up butter.  A turkey baster.  Really?  If I weren’t depressed, I am sure that I would have been after following his basting procedure.  I feel like there is a popcorn joke coming, but I’m sure that it would come out kind of crappy.

So that was it.  That was the end of my evaluation and that was the end of my diet.  As I got up to leave, he reached his hand out and I said, “Forgive me if I don’t shake your hand.  But wasn’t that  a turkey baster that you had in your hand when I walked in?
The things that I did get out of this diet were some good recipes (that had nothing to do with cheese, butter or turkey basters), I learned about the positives of organic food and free range chicken, eggs and grass-fed beef, and most important I got a great story.  

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